A scene near Peerzoo Island in Srinagar

On February 19, Kashmir bled again. Six Kashmiris were killed in different situations. Whatever the reason, it is the blood of Kashmiris that is spilled everyday. In the present circumstances, there seems no end to this constant misery as no one is ready to take concrete steps to pull out Kashmiris from this hell.

Since this is a fact that any kind of violence has some causes. And we are not an exception. There are some visible causes that are responsible for the present mess in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in the Kashmir Valley.

First is the Partition of India. The India Independence Act of 1947 made this beautiful place hell. The British, being cunning, left the South Asia to let this issue simmer between the two developing countries, which are grappling with the issue of basic necessities.

They would have solved this issue forever if they had wished. Since they were not sincere in doing this, they made the plan of Partition somewhat complicated. The provinces under undivided India were divided into the British Provinces and the Princely States. The former were given options of joining India or Pakistan while the latter were deliberately left at the crossroads, by offering them three options of joining India or Pakistan or remaining independent.

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The Princely States were to keep their religious majorities and geographical proximities in minds before deciding about their future. However, before the Independence Act came in 1947, the Partition Plan had been in May, 1947, when Sir Radcliffe met Jawaharlal Nehru at Shimla that resulted in the partition of the Punjab.

Second is the international organizations like the U.N. There are more than 20 Resolutions which state that Kashmir issue is to be solved according to the wishes of Kashmiris. However, the priority is that both the parties: India and Pakistan withdraw their armies from Jammu and Kashmir.

Here, it is necessary to clear that according to the Independence Act of 1947, Jammu and Kashmir must be part of Pakistan. But it is quite difficult to implement it. Now, there is an open door of listening to a common Kashmiri, what she or he wants.

Third is our political leaders. More than the external forces, it is our so-called leaders that have made the lives of Kashmiris miserable. They have been singing the same tone of “autonomy” and “self-government” only to deceive us.

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If they have been sincere, they must have not wasted all these years only to build their houses and fill their coffers. Their indifferent attitude has brought more harm than good.

Fourth and last is our own behaviour. We are hypocrites. Being knower of everything, we still believe that our apparent or visible enemies will come to our rescue. Moreover, we shift loyalties whenever we want. We are not bound by any rule. We are responsible for all the miseries in Kashmir. Had we worked as a union, we would not have fallen like this. Our condition is that we are divided into innumerable sects regarding self-determination. We are snakes, stoners and judges.

In short, we want security for our lives. I request every sane voice that please don’t make our misery as money-earning entity. We want to live. Like others, there are dreams in our lives. Please let us live our dreams.

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