We the five friends decided to visit Iran. Our decision to visit Iran got materialized after going through frequent news flashes that people in Iran are protesting on streets. We got curious to know the real facts on ground so we decided to embark on a journey to Iran. It was our first visit to Iran and we were very enthusiastic about it. After completing all formalities, we finally boarded a plane to Tehran from New Delhi.

It was the first time we were seeing air hostesses in Hijab (veil) that was really praiseworthy. After few hours of journey, we arrived at Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran. It was the Fajar (morning prayer) time and we were welcomed with an Azaan at the airport so we performed our morning prayers there.

Wow! Here we are in the capital city of Iran. It’s more charming and pleasing than what we were anticipating. The beautifully maintained roads and well developed structures all around are extremely mind-blowing.

Lets be honest, Iran is the highly developed, high-tech country of the Islamic world. In almost 40 years of economic blockade, the Iranians have learned to do many things and they have achieved a great progress. They have turned from consumers to entrepreneurs. All thanks to the Islamic Revolution of 1979 which made them independent and they have achieved everything without banking on external channels. It’s great to explore Iran and it really made us proud to know that Iran has the world’s only independent pharmaceutical industry.

We visited different places in Iran and all the places have their own unique charm and natural beauty. Iranian trains are quite clean and it was really pleasurable to travel in them. We really enjoyed travelling in trains with all kind of facilities. The beautiful thing is that it halts at prayer times. People are good looking and soft spoken. They are very civilized and courteous. We were whole heartedly welcomed everywhere with open arms and more intimately when we would reveal our Kashmiri identity. They give great emphasis on Shia-Sunni unity and this was even disclosed to me by the Sunni soldiers of IRGC.

Sweepers take their job seriously and they keep surroundings neat and clean even in chill of winters. I saw sweepers cleaning the roads even in the dead of night. We relished different Iranian foods although it’s less spicy than we are used to. There is no doubt that Iran is the cleanest and safest destination for outing. I saw girls walking all alone in the middle of the night without feeling any threat or fear.

Iran has reached to great heights since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 despite facing the harsh economic sanctions. They have relied on their own strength and have achieved many milestones which would not have been possible if they would have been under the British-installed Pahlavi regime.

The revolution of 1979 gave prominence and supremacy to Iran. They got liberated from the hegemony of US and Zionist puppet who had made Iran the entertainment hub. They were looting the resources and chastity of Iran. The native citizens of Iran were then treated as third grade citizens and they were being exploited by arrogant powers of US and Zionist elements.

Iranians should always be thankful to the greatest spiritual personality of the 20th century Imam Khomeini (R.A.) who gave prestige and stature to their lives. It is this ascendancy of Iranians which has not gone well to those who were ill-treating Iranians and were exploiting their oil and wealth.

There is no denying the fact that people are facing the legitimate economic issues as was shared to me by most of the Iranians but this is not limited to Iran only. Even US, which calls itself a super power and with the highest GDP, has still millions of people who are living in extreme poverty.

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Unemployment and poverty is deep rooted now almost in all countries. Yes, the rulers have to address the genuine economic issues and people have right to protest peacefully for their grievances as is guaranteed in the Iranian constitution. But when the peaceful protests for legitimate demands are hijacked by the paid agents of US and Zionists to destabilize the country, then the security forces are compelled to use force to maintain law & order. No country can allow the rioters to vandalize the public property and the peaceful atmosphere.

The protests of Iranians for economic issues were wrongly portrayed by the mainstream media as the protests against the Islamic system. The lone woman who waved the white flag without the veil in Tehran was given undue hype by the Western media backed by US and illegal state of Israel. The way this isolated childish incident was exaggerated by the mainstream media was like she was representing the whole 8 crore population of Iran.

Islamic Republic of Iran is 39 years old now. Right from its inception, its enemies started a full-fledged media and military war against it. It was never allowed to settle down. Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussain imposed war on Iran which lasted for 8 years and brought death and destruction. Saddam was then fully backed by US, Zionist regime and their allies and Iran fought them all alone and preserved its sovereignty and dignity.

Then started the propaganda war in Iran where some unscrupulous elements were hired by the enemies to foment sedition and sow discord in the nation. A notion was created that success can be achieved sans Islamic values. Even campaign was started by some so called paid rights activists who wanted to abolish Hijab (veil) practice in Iran. These rights activists who are fully backed by US and its evil brat illegal Zionist entity are being given full western media coverage in order to make an anti-Islamic system opinion in the world. They present the laws of Islamic System as being repressive and subjugating.

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Islamic Revolution is a priceless gift from Allah Almighty not only to Iranians but to the people all around the world who want to serve Islam and humanity. Iran which used to bow down before America, Britain and their allies pre-1979 is now more powerful because of Islamic Revolution. Having no covert or overt relations with America and illegal state of Israel, Iran has stood as a strong supporter of Palestinian cause. Imam Khomeini (R.A.) founded the Quds Day in solidarity with the Palestinians and had urged the Muslim Ummah to support the oppressed people of Palestine and other oppressed nations as a religious obligation.

Every precious thing in this world is kept covered. In the same way, women are precious and they need to be kept under the cover of Hijab (veil). Hijab bestows dignity on women.

Iranians should always remember that millions have given supreme sacrifices of their precious lives for this Islamic revolution. People like Dr Mustafa Chamran or Shaheed Abbass Babaie and other martyrs could have lived the luxurious lives if they would have wanted but they sacrificed everything for this revolution. How can we forget Shaheed Mohsin Hojeji who left his family and all belongings to protect and safeguard the Islamic Revolution.

Iranians have right to aspire for the things which they require for their day to day life and the government is answerable to them. At the same time, people need to ponder how mainstream media are making the fabricated and concocted stories about Iran as they want to destabilize Iran like they did with Syria.

US and the Zionist entities never want Iran to flourish as they know Iran supports the oppressed nations throughout the world. Iran’s stand to confront these oppressors and arrogant powers is the root of resistance against the imperialism and oppression in the world which has disrupted the political equations of Global Arrogance.

Iranians are the privileged people who have the honour of safeguarding humanity and Islam so they always have to be steadfast and keep their firm faith on Allah Almighty for their best life here and hereafter. No doubt people are facing tribulations and inflictions for being truthful and righteous but Allah Almighty will reward them for remaining determined and resolute to uphold the Islamic values.

On the 39th anniversary of Islamic Revolution, the massive turnout of Iranians on the streets of Iran who reiterated their support for the Islamic Revolution and expressed their abhorrence against the oppressive and arrogant domineering powers in the world was a befitting reply to those who were trying to downgrade the significance of Islamic Revolution.

The huge participation of people in these rallies conveyed the message loud and clear that people enthusiastically support the Islamic Revolution with all their might and energy. Let’s all pray that the true values of Islamic Revolution prevail in all aspects of our lives. Ameen!

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