Poor Man — A butt of jokes

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We think of poverty only in terms of being hungry, naked and homeless. But being unloved and uncared is the greatest poverty. Today’s man became so much materialistic that he doesn’t even care to have sniff of his poor kith and kin.

According to him, to enter into correspondence with these people is tantamount to putting down himself. Not only this, God forbid, if any untoward incident happens in these families, they are reluctant to offer false sympathies too because they think it to be their weakness.

I write it down because I have gone through all this in my life from very early days. They forget that when they were in trouble or hurt, they went to the very poor people who they look down upon. How tragic it is!

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I’m not a government employee, nor a well-settled person and still, my kith and kin weighed me in terms of money. Alas! They never noticed what I need from them, in reality. Their ignorance hurts me, every time I think of their behaviour. Yes, sometimes these horrible thoughts trouble me but at the same time, gave me courage and made me strong enough to stand on my own.

The pack of rich man’s jokes never render me emotionally instable, even though sometimes it’s very hard to face all these things. However, at the end of the day, they just define themselves as to who they really are.

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When a man takes a vow, he’ll never give up but if he admits impediments, then the fall is certain. Poverty and riches are a social construct but the man with humane heart is a real resource.

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