Relations Amid Poverty

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Sometimes we think that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. Infact, the poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared is the greatest poverty.

Today, a new trend has emerged that all human relationship is seen within the prism of wealth, or Haves and Have Nots, when put in simple terms. This division cripples each and every relation within our homes as well as outside.

And, it’s generally seen among the relatives here too that if any of the relative is financially poor, either he gets loathed or gets very hurt when other relatives brush him off in toto and if somehow encounter each other, he is referred as a neighbour and is being avoided in every way possible.

We have completely forgotten what Mother Teresa said, “Poverty is not made by God, it’s created by you and me, when we don’t share what we have.” You may take me wrong but I’m inking this out of sheer experience. I have gone through this all.

How a successful family improves your well-being?

I sometimes confronted with rich people’s petty taunts and sometimes have faced loathsome words because of being poor.

Let me ask a question: If a rich guy somehow get married to a poor girl, do her in-laws allow her to have all leisures what they are enjoying? No, they won’t. Instead they taunt her for her father’s meagre property. Is it right to weigh the relations through the prism of wealth? Can anyone tell me, can’t poor people be good human beings or relatives? Do they lack good sense and ethics?

Paisa bolta hai, no doubt, but humanity is above all. Dalai Lama once said, “Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries, without them humanity can’t survive.”

Weak Relationships

Why don’t rich people think beyond mass? Have they become totally blind for money? And, have they forgotten the real essence of their lives?

Yes, of course, timely leisure comforts them but have they forget that they have to go empty handed from here. I’m not refuting that man has other responsibilities too, but he has social obligations too. One can’t discriminate on the basis of matter and how can a man do so when God Himself forbade it.

Allama Iqbal has stated aptly, “Mahmood – the king and Ayaz – the slave in line, as equals, stood arrayed. The lord was no more lord to slave while both to one Master prayed.” It gives clear message that a man has no right to discriminate among his own men, otherwise this world would be hell to live in.

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