Syrian conflict and the damage it inflicted on Palestinian cause!


It was quite pleasing to see the majority giving a big slap on the arrogant and rude Donald Trump who is trying his best to legitimize the illegal state of Israel. But we should not be complacent.

It may be a welcome step but more needs to be done to liberate Palestine completely from the illegal occupation of Zionist occupiers. Palestine belongs to Palestinians who are its rightful inhabitants irrespective of caste, creed and religion. So only Palestinians have right on it. The occupiers will have to leave ultimately.

There is no doubt that Palestine will see the dawn of freedom by the grace of Allah Almighty but we need to find out what is the main hurdle which is delaying the attainment of this cherished dream. The most important parameter is to recognize our ‘Dushman’ (enemy). Once we are able to figure out who is our main foe then we will be in a position to overcome all barriers to achieve the noble cause. At least we all should read and comprehend Surah Al-Munafiqun (Surah No. 63) which will give us a clear idea how to identify our Dushman.

Undoubtedly, America and Israel are the main enemies of Islam. They may offer you fortunes and all the luxuries of life but will take the priceless faith (Imaan) away from you. Their main motive is to capture the leading oil and gas producing region of the earth in order to dominate the world. They confront or support a particular ruler of the country depending on their self-centred interests.

America and Israel with full support from their Arab puppets orchestrated a civil war in Syria and dispatched terrorists there from various nationalities in order to topple the Bashar al-Assad regime as he was not following their scheme of things. Moreover, they used their propaganda machinery to portray Bashar al-Assad as a brutal and tyrant ruler. It was all done to change the regime in Damascus in order to replace it with their desired ruler who would have executed their master plan in Syria. The emergence of Russia, Iran and Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah destroyed all their evil intentions and Syria was saved from becoming another colony of the illegal Zionist Israel.

Six Jewish companies control 96% of the World’s Media which in turn controls the think tank of White House and they formulate policies which always suit to Zionist Israel. The tragedy is that our media copies their content and feeds it to their viewers and readers which badly impact their outlook of the world. They believe what is shown to them. The groups like White Helmets and The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which are hugely funded by US and UK showed the fake picture of the Syria to the world and helped the terrorists to hide their heinous crimes.

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Let’s cite an example. On 17th September 2016, the fighter jets of US, UK, France, Denmark and Australia attacked the Syrian Arab Army at a carefully planned US-led air raid on Jabal al-Tharda (Mount Tharda), overlooking Deir Ezzor airport, slaughtered over 100 Syrian soldiers and delivered control of the mountain to ISIS (Deash). Later on, they came up with the statement that it was a mistake. There are credible reports that US in the garb of fighting ISIS were arming terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Even injured ISIS terrorists were given medical treatment in Israeli medical camps. What more proof we need that terrorist groups in Syria were backed by America, Israel and their allies. Moreover, after the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria they are being moved to Afghanistan by their masters to cause more destruction there.

Bashar al-Assad supports the Palestinian cause vigorously and have no ties whatsoever with America and Israel. To get rid off President Bashar al-Assad was to get rid of one of the few Arab leaders who are an unwavering voice of Palestinian rights. So it was a well thought out plot to weaken the Damascus regime in order to weaken the Palestinian strong support.

Things in Syria did not just happen by chance nor was it some sort of “democratic” uprising. With enough money and weapons, you can start a revolution anywhere in the world. Vile revolutions, like that in Syria, are carefully planned and well funded. The crises in Syria was engineered by America and Israel with full backing by their Arab and western allies. This was part of the Hollywood style script written by skilled CIA agents, who had been given a mission to destroy Syria for the purpose of regime change.

Mainstream media played their role in the destruction of Syria as was directed to them. Let me cite you one instance where White Helmets took an iconic Aleppo boy Omran Daqneesh in their ambulance and made photos of him and circulated it to the whole world and portrayed it like he was injured in an air strike. This was staged in order to garner more support for the terrorists operating there against the regime. After the liberation of Aleppo in December 2016, the father of the said boy Mohammad Daqneesh revealed that his son was mildly injured but not in an airstrike. He was forcibly taken by the White Helmets in their ambulance for the photo shoot.

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Foreign backed terrorists in Syria were using US and NATO weapons and arsenal. They were being provided all the tools and strategies to make hell out of Syria. It was all perpetrated only to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad and to distract Muslim World from the Palestinian cause and pave the way for the Greater Israel.

Muslim Ummah needs to ponder. Terrorists like ISIS or Al-Qaeda have nothing Islamic. They are being created by Uncle Sam and their surrogate Zionist child Israel under the deceptive flag of Islam to divide the Islamic world which serves the evil intentions of their creators. If they would have been Islamic, they would have attacked Israel long before. Even at one time when ISIS terrorists in Syria mistakenly attacked Israel, they apologized to them. One of the ISIS terrorist killed his mother because she didn’t want him to join this terror group. They follow the grand plan of America and Zionist Israel “Kill Muslims and grab their fortunes” and this was the same game plan in Syria to remove Bashar al-Assad come what may. The fall of Syria would have led the fall of Palestine.

When Imam Khomeini (R.A.) without any wealth and arsenal but strong belief in Allah Almighty and passion for the noble cause could bring the end of 2500 year old monarchy in Iran despite the fact the Shah Pahelvi was then supported by the big powers of the world, why can’t we end the illegal occupation of Palestine from the Zionists with our strong will and commitment for the cause. Iran has achieved better results in Science & Technology since the Islamic revolution of 1979 and vehemently confronts America and Israel then why can’t other Muslim nations split all covert or overt ties with the these countries and rely on their own strength bestowed to them by Allah Almighty and bring laurels to their countries.

I hope better sense prevails on Muslim World and they will snap all ties whatsoever with America and Israel for the sake of Palestine and Islam. Palestine was snatched from us due to our fragmentation and it can be reclaimed only when the Muslim Ummah gets united and puts a unified resistance against the Zionists occupiers.

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