The Reservation Chain: Violence done to merit is not one-time, but perpetual


    What is the criterion for declaring a place `backward’ or `forward’? Does proximity to capital or town make an area ‘forward’ and its being far away downgrade it as ‘backward’? No. Should it have been, then ‘backward’ areas nearer city or district headquarters would not have acquired this privilege. Here I give two example of my district Baramullah. Kanispur is just at the walking distance from the main town Baramulla and only five kilometers away from Sopore, embracing Srinagar-Muzzafarabad highway. All other villages adjacent to it are connected with it through roads, lands and human habitation. But they are not as fortunate as the residents of the village. They have not yet resolved the mystery of how to propitiate the goddess which have for long smiled on Kanisporeans. Doabgah is another village four kilometers away form Sopore. Recently the village has been (as per reliable sources) placed under RBA schedule. Don’t forget the renowned cardiac surgeon late Dr. Guru hailed from here. The village is comparatively prosperous and has done well in education, business and government employment. People want to know the parameters which determine the status of an area. Or does any unknown calamity strikes a place which disables it to cope with other people of the same habitat, ecology, topography; even of the same race, color, language and culture.
    How does sports category reconcile with the pursuits which are pure academic. Carom players gifted with sports category certificate are becoming doctors and engineers out spacing more deserving, more talented. That is not to suggest those in the sports arena are not entitled to join the meritorious competition. The point is giving a ‘sportsman’ an edge over more talented is to outdo the spirit of the game (competition) which has level-playing field as its cardinal principle. Isn’t it shameful for ALC (Actual line of Control) certificate holder to cross over all line of justice and reap the harvest, pushing and kicking more deserved into loop of distress. How is that a son or daughter of a defense personnel or police cop is entitled for a special privilege while a farmer living below poverty line is denied the same. In nation building is latter’s contribution insignificant than the former. Whose job is ensured and enjoys momentary support in case any tragedy hits him.
    After getting admitted-not on their own strength, but ba paie mardaye category monster – the cycle of brutal injustice continues unabated. It is not one-time plunder, one-time assault. The robbery of the talent is terribly perennial. It has worst implications. Surmounting all barriers of injustice and expecting reward of his hard untiring labor the categorized hydra-headed monster strikes the fatal blow and snatches the rightful share of the OM candidate in job. Still if someone manages to earn the job, he is not out of the throes. In his bid to higher position he finds always a caveat against him in the shape of reserves category.
    The injustice does not end with the retirement or the death of the privileged reservation beneficiary. He bequeaths this injustice to his offsprings, who might be now financially sound and living in posh areas of the capital and towns, far from their places of birth and seeking quality education in prestigious schools and colleges.
    What if in spite of all those benefits that the heredity showers on a lucky candidate – which an OM student can only dream about – he is absolutely poor. The category quota serves as a demolisher for the barrier that is merit.

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    Hassan Zainagiree


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