Since past, the world has witnessed many conquerors, geniuses, statesmen, great artists and many other great persons.

If we look at the biographies of these persons, they had a miserable childhood. They had faced a lot of problems and hardships in the beginning and later on, they came to be known as great persons.

Everyone in this world is capable of doing unique things. Everybody has a hidden talent and someone has rightly pointed out: Magic is believing in yourself.

However, it is somewhat difficult to explore our talent. If we talk about our Kashmir, people are unable to showcase their talent. If someone finally explores his talent, there is lack of platform. He isn’t supported. So, talent get’s wasted.

In Kashmir, there are only two alternatives for Science students – Engineering and Medical. The students are forced to pick either of the two. Their talent remains hidden. If a person possess an ability to perform well in almost every game, he’s preparing for MBBS. Isn’t this nonsense!

Everything you can ever do in life is be yourself

If there isn’t platform for other things, for example, Sports, Art or any other talent, we’ve to compel the system to create that.

Yesterday, I was walking in the local street. I met a person who congratulated me on passing +2 level. Then he added, “When are you appearing in NEET?” Now tell me, is this the only way to step forward?

If I’m interested in higher education or I’ve any talent, people don’t consider that. If they want to see me as a doctor, I’m sure I’ll become a doctor. But I won’t become a good doctor who practices with passion and who’ll work hard. I will lack potential. I won’t be able to do justice with my talent and capability.

Everybody should talk and convince their parents: It’s our life. Let us to explore our talent. The world is not constricted upto medical and engineering only. Let me find my true potential. Because when I do, the world will know me by my name.

Winter stoops to welcome spring!

Talking about myself, my dad is a great thinker. He has allowed me to take any decision. I asked him that I’m interested in Organic Chemistry and want to go for higher education, he permitted easily. In fact, he encouraged me. At the same time, he also helped me progress in my art. I wish every family could understand their children.

Let your children express their talent. They’ll live their life happily. Money isn’t everything. Peace of heart matters. When there is interest in work, he progresses day by day and money comes running behind them.

To conclude, I would tell you that there are some really poor people in this world who have nothing except money. In contrast, all great persons didn’t run after money. They found their talent and chased excellence. And today, we call them successful people.

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