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Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad is from Hajibagh, Budgam. His hobbies include reading and writing.

In many ways, education is like a building, requiring various elements to stand tall. To erect any structure on the ground, the most crucial element is its foundation. If the foundation is weak, the entire edifice loses its significance. While the initial sight of a building may captivate observers for a while, the truth becomes evident over time. Observers eventually realize the weak foundation and other flaws that render the building a wasted investment.

The acquisition of education follows a similar pattern. If students are not acquainted with the fundamental principles from the very beginning, it can lead to their downfall in the future. The solid foundation of a well-built structure is a testament to the fact that it was a magnificent building, but a weak foundation inevitably leads to its failure.

Unlike a structure, which can be rebuilt using valuable and original materials, what happens to students whose basic years are marked by neglect? Childhood, the first 10 crucial years of a person’s life, plays a pivotal role in determining the trajectory of their entire existence. If these valuable years are wasted in vain pursuits, the consequences could be detrimental. We have invested time in adorning grand structures, bringing in new technologies, and beautifying the surroundings, but the education system lacks a solid foundation.

An assessment reveals several reasons behind this situation. The first is a lack of emphasis on critical thinking. We seem to have forgotten the essence of practical knowledge and basic concepts. Our education system often promotes rote learning rather than instilling the value of understanding.

Secondly, education has become a mere means of earning wealth. The pursuit of knowledge has been limited to accumulating wealth, blurring the lines between good and bad. When education revolves solely around financial gains, it loses its true essence.

Thirdly, our educational system is outdated. It imparts knowledge but lacks the depth needed for students to comprehend and apply it in real life. While information accumulates, fundamental concepts are overlooked, leading to a hollow and bitter result.

Lastly, there is a distance from faith. Islam places a strong emphasis on genuine knowledge, the kind that opens the eyes of the heart, encourages introspection, and promotes the elevation of understanding beyond materialistic pursuits.

To navigate through this situation, it is essential to work at every level. The country’s top priority should be a focus on the educational sector. The first step is to concentrate on the educational field, and from there, the ornamentation of other fields will naturally follow. It is not wrong to say that other fields are also dependent on education.

Educational institutions need to be made active according to current times. Emphasize education that prepares students for real-life challenges, understands their needs, and assists them in self-discovery. Create an environment where the fruits of education reach every individual in society. The government plays a crucial role in this regard. If needed, it should collaborate with conscientious individuals to establish the best educational system that prepares students with essential knowledge. Let us hope for the swift implementation of such a system, ensuring that students become familiar with fundamental principles.

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