US hit by yet another leaked documents saga

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Waseem Ahmad Ganie
Waseem Ahmad Ganie
Waseem is a Research Scholar at MERC, University of Kashmir. He is presently working on research about Syrian conflict. He loves documentary filmmaking.

The US has yet again come into the spotlight of the world after a series of secret and confidential documents are leaked by anonymous people. Experts suggest that this is the second time that intimate documents have appeared on social media. In one such incident, a document was leaked by Edward Snowden.

The documents were released in a sequence discussing the US official assessment and its position on Russia and Ukraine war, including the assessment of casualties and the weapons supply and ammunition required for Ukraine to sustain the Russian offensive. Data presented in the documents suggest Ukraine suffered tremendous losses and faces an acute shortage of air defense systems against Russia.

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The Ukraine resistance forces in the battle of Bakhmut were cornered and on the verge of suffering catastrophic losses. The document accuses the US of spying on its allies and these leaks also indicate the US has actively spied on the top Ukrainian military generals and political leaders.

The report also adds the US also spied on Israel as well. These documents also reveal that allied countries like South Korea and Israel were reluctant in sending their lethal weapons to war-torn Ukraine fearing international backlash. Israel’s reluctance can be traced back to Russia and Israel’s understanding of Syria.

The current uprisings in Israel are perpetuated by Mossad, as per the published report. In addition, the report also suggests that Russian Wagner is actively procuring weapons from African countries and NATO alliances.

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Experts believe that the first report was leaked on the internet sites and hence the US has begun an investigation into the matter. Others believe that it is a fictional story created by Russia to demoralize the Ukrainian forces. These reports have also been rejected by South Korea, France and Israel as well.

In conclusion, the US seems to be in a bit hurry to track down the material, as these leaks have stirred up controversies in global politics.

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