Prayers - Ramadan
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In this dog-eat-dog world, finding peace and tranquillity in lives has become a pie in the sky. No matter how hard we strive to have peaceful lives, no matter how many pills we take to induce peaceful sleep, no matter how many times we exercise breathing technique in a day to calm our nerves, no matter how many times we massage our head to calm ourselves, the question arises: Have we ever attained the mental peace in the real sense that will last for long? I have a big “No” as a reply to this question.

This question really needs attention to resolve this core issue of human suffering once for all. Restlessness is not like endocrinological or cardio vascular diseases that we will go for ECG or any other test to rule out the disease and start treatment accordingly. Instead, it is a silent killer of an individual.

A person is smiling in front of the whole world but deep inside the chambers of his heart, he is dying with each passing second. To relieve such heartaches and mental stresses, Almighty has blessed upon his creation the holy month of Ramadhan. This month is embedded with limitless bounties for believers.

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No matter how harsh and pathetic life we are living, with the commencement of Ramadhan, all miseries and agonies start to disappear. The days and nights of Ramadhan feel relaxing and soothing to our soul and body. We feel rejuvenated with each breath. This looks mystery that days are the same, the season is the same, individuals are the same, then how an individual feels relaxed and calm despite bearing hours of thirst and hunger. The answer to this mystery is clear and simple that in Ramadhan, we are striving for the purpose for which we were created.

This month is onlooker that worldly gains are just an illusion. Real peace lies in the remembrance of the Creator. As Almighty has clearly mentioned in the holy book of Quran, “Indeed, by ‘always’ remembering Allah, the hearts reach peace and tranquillity.” (Verse 26 of Chapter 13 – Al Ra’d).

The greed of the materialistic world has made our lives hard. After achieving one thing, we yearn for another one and this cycle goes on. But the question arises, for how long?

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Are we going to achieve each and everything we yearn for? To this, I have an empathetic “No”. And, the rationale behind this empathetic “No” is that we are humans and humans can’t fulfil all the dreams they yearn for. We have limited time and resources at our disposal. We are not permanent inhabitants of this ephemerous world. Almighty has given us limited time and to utilize this time in redundant activities is sheer inanity.

Tailpiece: This holy month of Ramadhan is a blessing on us by Almighty and serves as a training guide to help us in introspecting our lives. Yearning for a fancy car, handsome salary, and a big house are human traits but uncontrolled hankering after these things disrupts our peace of mind.

We should always try to be content with what we have. We should try to limit our redundant desires and should strive to understand the difference between need and desire. And, as Muslims, we should realize that real peace lies in the remembrance of Almighty, the Lord and the Creator of the universe.

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