Swami Sunil Ji appointed as the first spiritual successor of Chandra Swami

Srinagar: Chanting Vedic hymns, Shlokas and Mantras by the priests from various parts and in the presence of family members, Swami Sunil Ji, 54, was appointed as the first spiritual successor of Chandra Swami, self-styled godman, who died due to multiple organ failure at a Delhi hospital.

From a very young age, Sunil Ji developed a deep devotion towards Vedic dharma. Under the guidance of many Guru Ji’s, he rapidly gained mastery in Sanskrit. Guru Ji taught him Sanskrit Poetry and Literature.

Sunil Ji educated from Jaipur in Rajasthan. And, from 1982, he was with Chandra Swami.

Resident of Alwar area in Rajasthan, Sunil Ji shifted to Delhi Ashram along with his family on the instructions of Chandra Swami. He also participated in each and every Puja of Chandra Swami.

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According to the biography of Swami Ji, Sunil Ji used to treat ‘Swami Ji’ as a Guru.

According to his family, Sunil Ji is the successor of Chandra Swami. It was Sunil Ji who performed the last rites of Guru Chandra Swami Ji in Delhi. He also has extraordinary astrological and tantric skills.

Sunil Ji performed the last rites of Guru Chandra Swami Ji in Delhi
The last rites of Guru Chandra Swami Ji in Delhi

“Sunil Ji is one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the present day. He is an asset to India and the world at large. He is an incarnation of the Great Cosmic Power. Revival of culture, reformation of society and establishing peace and happiness among mankind and transforming into godly men is his mission. His methods include establishing Dharma and Bhakti by singing devotional hymns, reciting the names of the Lord Almighty and inculcating the masses by instilling into them love of God through chorus singing of Bhajans and listening to his meditation-music,” said Shalini Pal, a devotee of Swami Ji, and managing director of Wishing Tree Welfare Trust.

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She said that Swami Sunil Ji is a silent teacher who teaches through love and devotion. To experience him is to begin to know one’s own true self.

There is also an Ashram, Vishwa Dharmayatan Sanathan in Delhi’s Qutub Institutional Area built by Chandra Swami.

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