Aabha Vatsa Midha’s “Desire” – When poetry mollifies the pain!


Duality is in the genes of human beings; we have the potential of good and harmful acts. On one hand, we can be loving, compassionate and altruistic but on other hand, a different figure, acting in total contrast to all that. And who among us would not like to be more loved to soothe our own being. To love and to be loved is actually our true trait and an identity of our real asset – HUMANITY!

Aabha Vatsa Midha’s “Desire“, an anthology of 30 poems is an effort to weave the canvas of human feelings in the strings of love. She tries her best to present them in an eloquent bouquet. One of the most evident aspects of love is the feeling of longing. Almost every poem in Desire has a tinge of it and thus the very apt title. She writes,

My heart aches
And wait
For your heart
To echo
The love song
I have been singing (Ache)
I toss and turn on the bed
Writhing in pain
Of longing
Despising the separation (Choked)
Covered in secrecy
Craving in attention
Dreaming of caresses
And never ending embraces (Desire)
All that I want
From the Lord
Is one glimpse of you (Glimpse)

William J. Long writes in English Literature (2003) that “The essence of Romanticism was, that literature must reflect all that is spontaneous and unaffected in nature and in man, and be free to follow its own fancy in its own way.


It is the identification of one of the widely accepted essentials of romanticism – faith in the natural goodness of man; the idea that man in a natural state would behave well but in the shackles of worldly affairs, he is caught up and confounded.

Aabha Midha calls the goodness of her love to come back and lend an ear to her worries and miseries so to rejuvenate the course of happiness. Her separation from her love has confined her idea of living more in past (memories) than in future. She takes it as the loss of compass in the middle of ocean. She writes,

Why was the season of our love
So short and minuscule?
Why could it not have been
Like the fragment
Summer rhapsody? (Summer Rhapsody)
To have my love
Reciprocated without any apology?
To have this dull aching heart
Replaced with one throbbing with ecstasy? (Ache)
You are a fantasy
A dream I hug
Close to my heart (Fantasy)

Unique trait of love is that when one lets oneself to drift to the shore of its memories despite being caught in chaos and mayhem, one feels something stirs inside, the love flows. The river of jubilation starts to flow over the banks. One feels the calmness and refreshing aroma filled with sense of security and as if all the worries and problems are washed up in the flow.


Aabha Vatsa Midha seems to have very close relation in drifting herself to the shore of such memories and let her inner being to bask in sweet memories way off from the fake glamorous life. She writes,

I want to lay on the meadows
See the birds dot the azure sky
Listen to their song
And lie still till they go back to their nests (Choked)
I know
You are around me
But still aboard (I Know)
Your honeyed voice
Your piercing eyes
Your daring ways
Made my soul tremble (Brave Heart)
My love
My enraptured love
You are all I dream of
You are all I want
A personification
Of my vivid fantasy
Come alive (Enraptured)

As Lilian R. Furst says in Romanticism (1969), “The highest function (of all truly Romantic art) is to portray the world in such a way that the infinite in the finite, the ideal within the actual is unveiled in all its beauty.

Portraying the pain in a way that it soothes the reader who in one or the other way has experienced it, is the highest achievement one can gain and it is for sure that the poet has succeeded in gathering the strings that are needed to adorn that imagery.

BOOK: Desire

GENRE: Poetry

AUTHOR: Aabha Vatsa Midha

PUBLISHER: Authors Press


ISBN: 978-93-5207-126-5


PRICE: ₹195 / $10

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Perveiz Ali
Hailing from Pampore, Perveiz Ali started writing poems after being inspired by some mystic Kashmiri poetic figures. His work has fetched him many awards.
aabha-vatsa-midhas-desire-poetry-mollifies-painPortraying the pain in a way that it soothes the reader, who in one or the other way has experienced it, is the highest achievement one can gain. Aabha Vatsa Midha has surely succeeded in gathering the strings that are needed to adorn the imagery.


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