There is a poet behind almost every closed door, and every noble and sensitive heart is capable of creating the versification of its own kind.

But poetry as an established genre of literature demands something extra. If it cannot stimulate the desired effect in the hearts of readers, it won’t be considered as a genuine piece of art and literature.

Moreover, it must stand the testing rod of literature and must be crafted in a definite shape and order besides putting to task several devices that can add to beauty of a poem.

Nida Nawaz is one such poet whose poetry, both – romantic as well as the conflict-ridden, has been a source of inspiration for many young poets of Urdu and Hindi languages across the country.

BOOK - Kiran Kiran Rooshni by NIda Nawaz
Cover Photo – Kiran Kiran Rooshni

His latest release “Kiran Kiran Rooshni” contains a total of sixty-one poems, deliberating on varied subjects ranging from mere voices of a broken heart to mystic compilation. The poems extend to describe the meaning and objectives of human life, and beyond any doubt the poet has been able to depict the grief-torn image of people struggling in a conflict zone.

Although written in free verse, the book is a beautiful blending of the poet’s own experiences in a conflict zone and seemingly, the romantic imaginations drawn from real life experiences.

Besides the free verse poems, the book contains some Haikus also explicitly defining the lamentations the poet has been subjected at some stage of life. At another place, the poet has registered a wrenching complaint with the divine kingdom of God for the ill fates slated in his palms.

In short, there is no subject and aspect of human life that the poet has not deliberated upon, under different titles and in varied styles, in this book which confirms the command of the poet over this genre of literature. This book merits a definite read!

BOOK: Kiran Kiran Rooshni (کرن کرن روشنی)

AUTHOR: Nida Nawaz

PUBLISHER: Educational Publishing House, Delhi


PAGES: 106



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