India Achieves Lunar Triumph: Chandrayaan-3’s perfect South Pole landing ignites billion-hearted celebration

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NEW DELHI — India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-3 has made a successful soft landing near the moon’s South Pole, bringing cheer to a billion hearts and propelling India to the elite space club.

India has become the first nation to land near the South Pole, which is a hot new destination since traces of water were found on the moon.

The touchdown took place at 6:04 pm amid huge cheers in the war room of space agency ISRO.

Meanwhile, ISRO on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote, “Chandrayaan-3 has successfully soft-landed on the moon. Congratulations, India.”

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this is a historic day for India’s space sector. “Congratulations to ISRO for the remarkable success of the Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission.”

PM Modi, who is in South Africa for the BRICS summit, virtually witnessed the landing attempt of India’s moon mission – Chandrayaan-3.

“This moment is precious and unprecedented. This moment is the Jaighosh of new India. This moment is the strength of 1.4 billion heartbeats. The success of Amrit Varsha in this phase of Amrit Kaal,” said the PM, in an online address to the nation from South Africa.

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