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Dev Academy students create history through 6-hour non-stop talent expression

Dev Academy has successfully accomplished “Dev Academy World Records Festival 2022” on August 28, 2022.

Tamil Nadu’s Dindigul district sets world record with 2050 water recharge ring-wells

District Rural Development Agency in Dindigul district has succeeded in a world record by setting up 2050 water recharge ring-wells.

Tiruchirappalli district sets Elite World Record for ‘Most Participants In A Chess Lesson’

Tiruchirappalli district managed to execute an event titled "Our Trichy! Our Chess! Our Pride!" on account of celebrating the 44th FIDE International Chess Olympiad.

Tamil Nadu’s Ranipet district creates Elite World Record

The Ranipet district administration managed to execute a mass plastic waste collection drive on May 27, 2022, which involved 36000 stakeholders.

Sri Shakthi International School sets astounding Elite World Record

Sri Shakthi International School, a pioneer world-class CBSE school located in Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu, has accomplished a world record.

Little Indigo students create history in 12 hours

Little Indigo, a pioneer kid’s academy in Tamil Nadu, successfully accomplished “LIKA World Records Festival 2021” on December 6, 2021

Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu sets Elite World Record for 605 roof-top RWH structures

District Rural Development Agency in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu has set up as many as 605 roof-top rain water harvesting structures.

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Omar Abdullah warns of electoral challenges after BJP’s sweeping victory

Omar Abdullah said that judging the results of the INDIA bloc, if the situation continues to be like this in future, the opposition alliance will not be able to win.

J&K DGP highlights operational secrecy amid terror threat: ‘Just two terrorists enough for big strike’

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