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Yearning for Laila in a world apart, a heart seeks solace in desolate desert. Emotions cascade through poetic verses, seeking connection amidst gloom.


"Calm down, the innocent heart, Our lives are at stake, Vultures are everywhere to deface us. Calm down, the innocent heart."


"My dear heart, can I ask you something? Why is it so that you're always stumbling? While you speak about your sadness."

Hearts Unmoved

"Ignorant of anything in the world, They are busy feeding their tummies. Without caring for children, Let them roam freely."


You felt like your veins are about to burst with pain but you tolerated it and then there were times when you felt free. How did you do that?

بیزار دل

کہ دے کوئی اسے دل کی ویرانی شاد تھا، مطمئن تیری دید سے۔ نہ جانے کون سی خطائیں ہوئیں ہم سے۔ دستک دے تو رہے ہو، دیدار...

Thirsty Days, Hungry Nights

Parched lips, cracks in the land Boiling mind, empty hand All the eyes watching into the sky Sweating heads, waters far away Lifeless eyes, senses kept at bay Nobody...


In midst of chaos and abyss, A wanton and lewd one, A heart in great strife, In search of meaningful way, Only to convey a doleful heart, Through a...

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69 vacancies for doctors and staff strain patient care at District Hospital Pulwama

The District Hospital Pulwama is grappling with a severe shortage of doctors and paramedical staff, giving a tough time to hospital administrators.
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J-K to auction country’s largest lithium reserves, attracting global interest

Jammu and Kashmir is set to conduct an auction for the country's largest lithium reserves located in Reasi within the next few weeks.

J-K Police collaborate with social media giants to tackle misuse

In a significant development, the Jammu and Kashmir Police have intensified their efforts to curb the misuse of social media platforms for 'anti-national' activities.

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Asia’s Food Supply at Risk: Scientists warn of urgent need to protect vital bee pollinators

Scientists sound alarm: Asia's food security threatened as vital bee pollinators face peril. Urgent action needed to protect critical ecosystem services.

Shia Muslims observe Ashura in Pulwama with communal support and devotion

In Gangoo area of south Kashmir's Pulwama district, the Shia Muslim community observed the sacred occasion of Ashura on Saturday with heartfelt mourning.