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"On a long road, there is no companion. Only memories accompany me all through. Moments of love pierce like a dagger and a pool of blood flows out," writes the poet.


"In a crowd of people, I am walking alone. Talking to myself and sifting truth from falsehood, I am lost in myself," writes the poet.

اصلی اور نقلی میں فرق کیوں نہیں؟

آج کی دنیا میں اب یہ لگ بھگ ناممکن سا ہوگیا ہے کہ اصلی اور نقلی کے درمیان فرق کیا جائے۔ نقلی بھی اس روپ میں اپنے آپ کو ظاہر کرتا ہے کہ پتا ہے نہیں چلتا ہے کہ یہ نقلی ہے ۔


"I feared darkness. Now, I don’t, For my inner world is pitch black. The black shadows are laughing at my outer light: They know what I am."


"You always are alone: In dark, in light, in dull, in bright. You are nice in aloneness: No worry, no hurry, not eyes teary," the poet says.


"In the desolate wilderness I call thy name, My love! And abraded my heart With my fingernails Until they dissolve into my blood," writes the poet.

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