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Mother’s Sigh

That day when you left the home Saying that you will come back soon Give me answer, hear my cry Tell me son, why did you lie? Keeping...

In Search of Beloved

Just like the wild lupines gleaming In the middle of the dark woods, Hunting your sheen face hither and yon While the scent from your shredded Pheran, Is...

Loluk Aalaw

(Lol'e Mazchar) Wakhta akh gov tan'e te Su nai aav khabr'e zanh te Wanduk malaal'e gov sai Kin'e ret'kael waen su ye mai (Saadge) Shu'hul tai shruizch ous Wakhta su praun...

A Tryst With Darkness

They don't call me now; Have they forgotten me Or abandoned me here In the silence of this room? This is my room? What are those hangings? I never hooked...


My every attempt to fill The tainted silhouette of betrayal With the pious dabs of fidelity Was slaughtered acrimoniously By Winter's inimical smiles. I called you many times, If only...

Ghazal (غزل)

I see magic in those gazes of pain again My attempts to hide will soon go in vain again The wandering cloud will send us...

Will There Be A Morning Again?

Inadvertently I poured Few drops Of my cold blood, Into a glass full of sweat, Distilled from the scorched roses That wilted under a...

Meeting The Beloved – A Longing

My dear! I walk In this night of vagrancy, Over the scorching paths of love Wearing nothing but the bruised skin Of fragile adrift...

Milna Chahiye: Ek Azad Nazm Jang aur Milne ke Naam

Phir soacha Itni waasi kaynaat mein hoaney walei Badi badi bataon mein ye ek baat Bahut choti, Wo jo aj kal mausam ban gaya hai...

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