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Embark on a nostalgic journey through memories in this evocative poem. Reflect on companionship, solitude, and the transient nature of existence.

Hangout few moons before the fall

"Hangout few moons before the fall, Hath enough time to rejoice, Roamed as Doe hither and thither, Had eaten full from delicious thall," writes the poetess.

Homecoming in Autumn

Autumn danced around me like a sombre but alluring and beautiful lass with dark gloomy eyes and yellow cheeks, with dull pimples and dimples.

Everything Will Fade Away

"Everything will fade away, Just like past days gone away, Memories placed in the mind, With every moment, they fade away," writes the poet.


"Took away from me this opulence, fame. And even this young stage as well. But bring me back those childhood memories, the paper boat"


"In memory lane, memories haunt me again and again. Childhood pierces the heart and the blood gushes out with unlimited force."


"Imaginations, as lethal as poison, I know Those are just my mind's creation In their absence, is, but life a throw," writes the poet.

The False Consolation

"Beyond every tear, a memory is there, Beyond every memory, an emotion is there, Everybody, with the period of past glory, And the sweet moments of their love story," writes the poet.

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NIA chargesheets five in Rajouri attack case

The NIA intensified its efforts to dismantle the militancy network in J&K by charging five individuals in connection with the January 2023 Rajouri attacks.
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Youngest ISPL player from Kulgam fetches Rs 3.20 lakhs in auction

A 14-year-old teenager has emerged as the youngest player to be signed by the Bangalore Strikers in the inaugural Indian Street Premier League (ISPL).

Alleged job fraud leaves Kashmiri youth stranded in Russia-Ukraine war

An alleged job fraud has left a youth from Kashmir’s Awantipora stranded in Russia, where he finds himself caught up in the conflict in Ukraine, fighting for his life.

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A marriage hall in Bellow village of Pulwama district has seen a transformative cleanup effort following the intervention prompted by the coverage on The Kashmir Pulse.