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Shahzada — Pulwama’s woman entrepreneur is milking success

A woman from Pulwama's Mitrigam village, Shahzada, is emerging as a role model for potential entrepreneurs, with her success in dairy farming

COVID-19: Lockdown brings misery for Kashmir’s dairy farmers

Dairy farmers across Kashmir are bearing the brunt of lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19 as demand for milk has come down.

In a first, Milk ATM installed in Pulwama

For the first time in Jammu and Kashmir, the Department of Animal Husbandry has come up with a Milk ATM in Pulwama town.

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Waqf Board seals 10 shops in Srinagar amidst rent dispute

Jammu Kashmir Waqf Board sealed 10 shops and rooms in Old Srinagar city for alleged non-payment of revised rent.
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J-K Police arrests social media user for promoting ‘terror’ activities

Jammu & Kashmir Police in Pulwama have taken action against a social media user who, as per the police, was promoting 'terror' activities.

Women’s Reservation Bill 2023 gains overwhelming Lok Sabha support

The Women's Reservation Bill, which seeks to provide one-third of the reservation to women in the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies, was taken up in the Rajya Sabha.

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Asia’s Food Supply at Risk: Scientists warn of urgent need to protect vital bee pollinators

Scientists sound alarm: Asia's food security threatened as vital bee pollinators face peril. Urgent action needed to protect critical ecosystem services.

Shia Muslims observe Ashura in Pulwama with communal support and devotion

In Gangoo area of south Kashmir's Pulwama district, the Shia Muslim community observed the sacred occasion of Ashura on Saturday with heartfelt mourning.