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Stoney Heart

"Stoney heart at the loss! Pain has moulded my feelings, And my heart became Stoney, Firm and solid my heartbeats."

Deep Dark Night

"The deep dark night With the stars that might Blink to the white, pale moon, And bring back you soon," writes the poet.


"My whole is aching; Waiting for awakening. My soul is bruised, So is fused. Emotions die everyday, To keep happiness at bay."


"No heart is without pain. Everyone has gone through one pain or another. But some pains are same in many respects."


"We don’t walk in glee as sorrow rains my brother, Every memory, ever scene pains my brother. This valley is ours that they claim my brother"


Whirling in between seas zig zag waves, Swaying here and there like Oceanic currents, Finding not thee when around me, Known to thee life becomes terrific storm, And...

‘The Shattered She’ reflects women’s agony & struggle in patriarchy

“The Shattered She” is a poetry collection composed of more than 75 poems reflecting the pain, agony, struggle & love of women and her...

Thirsty Days, Hungry Nights

Parched lips, cracks in the land Boiling mind, empty hand All the eyes watching into the sky Sweating heads, waters far away Lifeless eyes, senses kept at bay Nobody...

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Massive crackdown on ‘militancy funding’ as 124 properties attached in J-K

The State Investigation Agency (SIA) and the Executive Wing of J&K Police has widened the legal framework against 'militancy funding' by attaching 124 properties.
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Advisor Bhatnagar addresses 19th Management Development Program at SKIMS

Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar on Wednesday addressed the three-day 19th Management Development Program (MDP) at SKIMS here.

Renowned Islamic scholar summoned by NIA in alleged militancy funding case

Proficient and well-known Islamic scholar Maulana Rehmatullah Mir Qasmi, who runs Darul Uloom Raheemiyyah Bandipora, appeared before National Investigation Agency.

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Discover the hilarious saga of Kashmir's never-ending rainy summer and the fashion turmoil it brings.

India and 13 other countries violate pledge to uphold free internet, SurfShark study reveals

Surfshark's study reveals how India and 13 other countries violated their pledge to uphold free internet despite supporting a UN resolution on human rights online.