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Discover a captivating poem exploring the complex dynamics of human connection. Experience the emotions of sobbing, winking, and attitude, all reflected through the eyes.


Experience a world of shifting realities, where lucidity meets uncertainty. Explore hidden truths, silenced violence, and the enigmatic bonds between dolls and teddies.


Unveiling Beauty: A Poetic Ode to the Silky Face | Explore the Intrigue and Delicacy of Love's Encounter

Some Whisperings

"Some Whisperings" depicts a haunting night filled with whispered secrets and ominous events. Death dances as life fades away, cold seeping into the narrator's being.


"I am walking through a mob of people. Some faces are familiar while a majority are strangers. Different bodies with different dresses, but death is common."

Broken Mirror

"I looked into the mirror perhaps, first time, It was full of flaws and cracks, that time, I put my heel when its veil was on. And now, here come buried things, this time."


"The following of ongoing circumstances hasn’t left. Your love-ship too I haven’t left. The terrorism and humanity are not related."


"Since childhood, I am in search of solace. In the quagmire of the world, unbearable noises are everywhere."

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