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"I am walking through a mob of people. Some faces are familiar while a majority are strangers. Different bodies with different dresses, but death is common."

Broken Mirror

"I looked into the mirror perhaps, first time, It was full of flaws and cracks, that time, I put my heel when its veil was on. And now, here come buried things, this time."


"The following of ongoing circumstances hasn’t left. Your love-ship too I haven’t left. The terrorism and humanity are not related."


"Since childhood, I am in search of solace. In the quagmire of the world, unbearable noises are everywhere."

Tulip Garden

"The picturesque valley of Zabarwan is a sight to behold, serene and calm. The fragrance of tulips in the air makes one forget all worries and care."


"The day which was full of extreme happiness like honey prior to picnic, The day which was framed to put as indelible memory like engraved on material prior to picnic."

In A Pensive Mood

"Resting on a deserted bank of a river, I am counting the blessings of nature. From a gentle breeze to the voiceless animals," writes the poet.

Restless Mind

"The mind stops pondering over various disciplines of knowledge. When its acumen gets stuck somewhere else," writes the poet.

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Centre orders premature repatriation of IPS officer Rakesh Balwal to Manipur cadre

In a significant development, the Government of India has issued an order for the premature repatriation of IPS officer Rakesh Balwal to the Manipur cadre.
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J&K School Education Department proposes JKPSC-administered departmental exams for promotions

The School Education Department has proposed to conduct departmental examinations through the J&K Public Service Commission (JKPSC) to promote its employees.

31 militants killed in Kashmir valley this year: J&K Police

A total of 31 militants have been killed in joint operations in the Kashmir valley this year so far, police said here on Wednesday.

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Asia’s Food Supply at Risk: Scientists warn of urgent need to protect vital bee pollinators

Scientists sound alarm: Asia's food security threatened as vital bee pollinators face peril. Urgent action needed to protect critical ecosystem services.

Shia Muslims observe Ashura in Pulwama with communal support and devotion

In Gangoo area of south Kashmir's Pulwama district, the Shia Muslim community observed the sacred occasion of Ashura on Saturday with heartfelt mourning.