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Stone Heart Showed Everything and Left!

"The stone heart showed everything and left. Broke this already broken heart and left. How many promises have done at dawn. At night, turned the face and left."


"My love for her was unique. I was formless in her form. I couldn’t breathe without her breath. I could walk when she would talk to walk."

Ode To Love – A Poem

Oh my  ethereal beloved! I promise you my devotion And incorruptible love. I won't ever compromise, The founts of my affection; Come what may! Nothing in...

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Young man dies after falling off 20-feet pole in central Kashmir

A young man died after falling off a 20-feet high pole in the Humhama area of central Kashmir’s Budgam district on Sunday.
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Kashmir Valley shaken by Sunday morning earthquake

A moderate earthquake rattled the picturesque Kashmir Valley on Sunday morning, causing panic among residents and triggering concerns about potential damage.

Medical Representatives’ entry in hospitals takes priority over patients, causing chaos

The entry of Medical Representatives (MRs) in hospitals during official hours is causing a mess in hospitals with doctors giving them preference over patients.

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Father-Daughter Bond: Kashmiri song ‘Kya Karie Korimol’ goes viral

Experience the soul-stirring magic of "Kya Karie Korimol," a captivating Kashmiri song from Coke Studio Bharat.

India’s tech promise to rival China falters

India's tech promise to rival China isn't going according to the plan. Find out more about what's happening right here.