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پاس میرے دولتِ دنیا نہیں پر کسی کے سامنے جھکتا نہیں کتنے گل برباد ظالم نے کئے پھر بھی اپنا گلستاں اجڑا نہیں تم تو دعویٰ کر رہے...

مجاہدِ آزادی

بندوق اٹھاکر زمانہ دہشتگرد کہتا ہے جسے اہل وطن کی نظر میں ہے وہ مجاہدِ آزادی۔ زمانہ کچھ بھی کہہ دے گاہار کر تیری لڑائی سے...

کشمیر – اک غزل

سناہے بہت ہی حسین تھی کبھی یہ وادی کشمیر ُحُسن ایسا تھا اُسکا کہ لوگ کہتے تھے جنت بے نظیر۔ وہ چمکتے پھولوں کی خوشبو وہ...

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Tractor drivers protest in Kulgam

Scores of tractor drivers on Saturday held a peaceful protest in Ashmuji area of southern Kashmir's Kulgam district and demanded work from the government.
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Young boy commits suicide in Pulwama village

A heartbreaking incident unfolded in southern Kashmir's Pulwama district as a young boy took his own life by strangulation.

Police register case into edited video portraying people raising objectionable slogans in Rajouri

Jammu and Kashmir Police have registered a case regarding an edited video showing people raising objectionable slogans during a procession in Kalakote Rajouri.

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Jaundice outbreak in Pulwama village prompts official investigation

Concerns escalate in the village of Bellow Dergund, Rajpora area of Pulwama, as health officials investigate a surge in jaundice cases, particularly among children.

Spring Blooms in Kashmir: A glimpse into Pulwama’s picturesque seasonal transformation

As the chill of winter gradually yields to the gentle warmth of spring, the picturesque landscape of Kashmir undergoes a remarkable transformation.