KULGAM — Within the quaint locale of Wanpora in Kulgam district resides a 25-year-old luminary, Nafi Javaid, whose fusion of education and family support has propelled him into the realms of social media and technology. With a commitment to genuine content devoid of noise and cringe, NAFxx Tech has stood out as a beacon of educational tech content since 2021.

Unveiling the Scam: “Curative Survey EXPOSED”

In a recent video posted merely four days ago, titled “Curative Survey EXPOSED | Biggest Scam in Jammu and Kashmir,” on the ‘NAFxx Tech’ channel, Nafi Javaid ignited a firestorm across the internet. The exposé revealed a colossal multi-crore scam orchestrated under the guise of the ‘Curative Survey.’

The video came as a slap for the many social media influencers from Kashmir like Idrees Mir and Yawar Wani who had promoted the fraudulent company’s app in their videos, influencing unsuspecting people to invest in the company to earn a ‘good monthly income by filling online surveys’.

The revelations uncovered by NAFxx Tech have led to the physical closure of the company’s offices, triggering protests by deceived investors demanding justice and the apprehension of local influencers who endorsed the fraudulent company.

Implications of the Deceitful Scheme on Investors

The ramifications of this deceitful scheme have affected a multitude of individuals, particularly students, who entrusted their hard-earned money. Promising to double investments within 10 to 15 days, the Chennai-based company, with multiple offices in Kashmir, preyed on people’s aspirations.

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NAFxx Tech, in a stern warning, cautioned the public against falling victim to such deceptive schemes, emphasizing that promises of doubling money in a matter of days are unrealistic and should be approached with scepticism.

Notably, the company’s employees made outbound calls, luring individuals with promises of a monthly payment of 3000 rupees for fifteen months. Subscribers were enticed to deposit 5000 rupees initially, purportedly for completing online surveys. However, this surfaced as a mere prelude to a larger-scale fraud scheme.

NAFxx Tech: Journey from Gaming Content to Tech Expertise

Nafi’s educational odyssey commenced with a Diploma in GPC from Anantnag, paving the way for his academic pursuit in Computer Science and Engineering at Lovely Professional University in Punjab, where he achieved a B.Tech degree.

Bypassing conventional career trajectories, Nafi delved into content creation, starting his YouTube journey in 2018 with a focus on gaming content. By 2022, he diversified his portfolio, exploring the expansive sphere of technology.

Operating under the alias “NAFxx,” Nafi has carved a distinct niche for himself across platforms like YouTube and Facebook. In a conversation with a local media outlet, he disclosed that his journey was largely self-directed, refining his skills in editing and content creation through the plethora of resources available on YouTube.

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Nafi’s Advice for Creators: Pursuing Passion and Avoiding Shortcuts

Nafi’s guidance for budding creators is both pragmatic and motivational. He advocates for pursuing one’s passion, acquiring new skills, and avoiding the pitfall of confining aspirations to a single domain. His ethos revolves around eschewing shortcuts and maintaining focus on broader objectives.

Beyond personal success, Nafi actively addresses critical issues. He passionately urges the administration in Jammu and Kashmir to take stringent measures against cybercrimes. Additionally, he advocates for reining in the proliferation of gambling and betting apps, emphasizing the need for societal welfare.

Navigating Digital Realms: Nafi Javaid’s Inspiring Trajectory

Amidst the ever-evolving digital landscape, Nafi Javaid stands as a beacon of self-motivated drive and familial solidarity. As he leaves an enduring imprint on social media, his journey becomes a compelling narrative for aspiring youth in Kashmir, emphasizing the transformative power of determination and unwavering family support.

In an era shaped by digital influence, Nafi Javaid’s trajectory serves as an inspiring testament to the fusion of personal passion and familial reinforcement. As he continues to shape his mark on the social media spectrum, his narrative resonates profoundly, illuminating the path for aspiring youngsters in Kashmir, underscoring the pivotal role of perseverance and steadfast familial backing in achieving one’s dreams.

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