Idrees Mir — Influencer from Kashmir caught in a financial scandal

SRINAGAR — Idrees Mir, born and raised in the serene landscapes of Baramulla district in Kashmir, cultivated a deep passion for technology and community engagement from an early age. His innate fascination with digital platforms and social media laid the groundwork for his future endeavours as a content creator and influencer.

Emerging from the serene valleys of Kashmir, Idrees embarked on a journey into the digital realm, particularly on YouTube. Through his engaging and insightful videos, he masterfully captured the essence of life in Kashmir, portraying its rich culture, scenic beauty, and everyday experiences. His innate charm and ability to captivate audiences swiftly garnered a dedicated following, both within the region and beyond.

Idrees Mir’s rise as an influencer

His burgeoning influence attracted the attention of brands and companies seeking to tap into his expansive reach. Recognizing his potential as a marketing influencer, Idrees Mir found himself at the epicentre of various promotional campaigns, endorsing products and services to his devoted audience. Among these endeavours was his collaboration with Curative Surveys Pvt. Ltd., a startup that pledged substantial returns on investments through its mobile application.

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The 59 crore scandal controversy

The allure of doubling investments within an implausibly short timeframe enticed investors, with Idrees Mir and fellow influencers, including Yawar Wani, lending their credibility to the app through sponsored content and endorsements.

However, what commenced as a promising venture took an unexpected turn when the app vanished without a trace from the digital landscape, leaving a wake of tumult and financial turmoil. Shockingly, reports surfaced revealing that the app had amassed a staggering 59 crores from unsuspecting investors before abruptly halting operations.

The fallout from this financial debacle led to heated protests outside the shuttered office premises of Curative Surveys in Srinagar. Accusations flew, placing Idrees Mir and other influencers under intense scrutiny for their association with the now-discredited app. Allegations of manipulating public trust and enticing investors into the dubious scheme ignited widespread outrage.

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Defending his position

In his defence, Idrees Mir clarified that his involvement was confined to promotional activities, having meticulously reviewed the company’s documents before featuring it in his content. He asserted that multiple personalities, including journalists and influencers, also endorsed the app.

Amid mounting pressure for a comprehensive investigation by authorities, the controversy remains unresolved. Investors, reeling from substantial financial losses, are seeking redressal for their economic setbacks.

Navigating fallout and future endeavours

This unfortunate episode cast a shadow over Idrees Mir’s once-thriving online presence, underscoring the profound consequences of affiliating with questionable ventures and the inherent risks associated with investing in seemingly lucrative yet unverified schemes.

As the saga unfolds, Idrees Mir faces the arduous task of rebuilding his credibility and addressing the repercussions of his involvement in the controversial promotion. Meanwhile, affected investors persist in their quest for justice and restitution for their financial hardships.


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