This artist will make you love traditional Kashmiri music!


Traditional Kashmiri music reflects the rich musical heritage and cultural legacy of Kashmir. Traditionally the music composed by ethnic Kashmiris has a wide range of musical influences in composition.

Due to Kashmir’s close proximity to Central Asia, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia, a unique blend of music has evolved encompassing the music of the three regions.

But, overall, Kashmir valley’s music is closer to Central Asian music, using traditional Central Asian instruments and musical scales.

Noor Mohammad Shah, from an area close to the LoC dividing India and Pakistan, is one such Kashmiri artist who has continued to carry on the legacy.

Noor Mohammad sings traditional Kashmiri songs in a mesmerizing tone with artful use of traditional Kashmiri musical instrument (Rabab).

We have posted his another video earlier in a post titled “Relive the Kashmiri soulful music again! Watch this!“.

The singer can be reached at +91-7298891902.


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