Experience the soul-stirring magic of Kashmiri culture as Ishfaq Kawa takes centre stage in Lassipora Pulwama, weaving a tapestry of emotions with his live rendition of a timeless classic ‘Ha Gulo Tohi Ma Sa Wuchwan Yaar Meon’. Set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and blooming valleys, Ishfaq Kawa breathes life into the poignant verses penned by the legendary Ghulam Ahmad Mahjooor.

As Ishfaq’s mellifluous voice fills the air, transporting listeners to a realm where love and longing intertwine, the lyrics resonate with every heart present. “Ha Gulo Tohi Ma Sa Wuchwan Yaar Meon,” he sings, invoking the imagery of flowers whispering secrets of love. Each word, each note, is infused with the essence of Kashmiri ethos, carrying the weight of centuries-old traditions and sentiments.

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With every verse, Ishfaq delves deeper into the yearning for a beloved lost in the labyrinth of time. “Wini Diwan Poshan Prichomm Yambar Zalan,” he croons, his voice echoing the ache of separation, seeking solace in the whispers of nature. The audience is spellbound, enraptured by the raw emotion pouring forth from the stage.

As the melody flows like a gentle stream through the gathering, Ishfaq’s rendition transcends mere performance, becoming a heartfelt ode to love’s enduring power. “Chani Yin Phali Dilbaro Gulzar Miyun,” he sings, igniting hope in the hearts of all who listen, promising a garden of blossoms where pain once reigned supreme.

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In the poignant climax of the song, Ishfaq channels the anguish and resignation of Mahjooor’s verses, delivering a powerful message of resilience in the face of unrequited love. “Ulfatuq Sodha Kunum Gum Meyl Hytum,” he laments, his voice heavy with sorrow yet buoyed by an unwavering spirit.

As the final notes fade into the night, Ishfaq Kawa leaves an indelible mark on the souls of his audience, a testament to the enduring legacy of Kashmiri poetry and music. In his performance, he not only honours the words of Ghulam Ahmad Mahjooor but also reaffirms the timeless beauty of Kashmiri culture for generations to come.

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