Planger: The other view of cultural change!

Chowdhary family of Planger
Rajouri: Planger is a hamlet just 15 km away from Rajouri city and about 135 km away from Srinagar city in Rajouri area of Jammu.

Where Kashmiris are busy in adopting different cultures, Planger is one such area within the state where some tribes are fast adopting Kashmiri culture!

The new generation of Planger has been out to different parts of the country as well as the state for jobs, study and various other purposes. In the meantime, they observed and experienced different cultures. They have tried to introduce many new things to make their small hilly village a modern village, especially trying to change the outlook of its inhabitants. But the introduction of Kashmiri culture is what has attracted its elder village folk. They are now fast adopting Kashmiri culture.
While the village elders see their people as changed with the new culture but for the youth of Planger, it is the “need of changing times”.
Nowadays, Feran (a Kashmiri dress), Kangri (a Kashmiri fire-pot), Somawar (Kashmiri kettle) and many other things typical to Kashmir can be seen being used by people in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir.
Years back, elders (old persons) were being seen laped with a cloth called Chadder while grazing their cattles on the mountains.

Brief Profile:

  • Rajouri was settled in 623 B.C.
  • Rajouri was known as Rajapura in the past.
  • Rajouri day is being observed on 13th April every year.
  • Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University is a piller of education here.
  • Main languages spoken are Gojri, Dogri and Urdu.
  • Maize, Wheat and Rice are most cultivated crops.
  • Youth President of Planger is Irfan Anjum.
  • Advocate Mir Baz and Qaramat Chowdhary are Sarpanch and Panch of the area respectively.
AuthorRabiya Shafiq
The author is a Kashmir-based young journalist


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