Relive the Kashmiri soulful music again! Watch this!


This Kashmiri artist tells you about ‘Nundboan’ in his soul soothing voice! You will certainly fall in love with his magical voice and the artistic precision that he uses his ‘rabab’ (musical instrument) with. Relive the Kashmiri soulful music again!

The government in general and the Kashmiri society in particular have miserably failed to safeguard the Kashmir language and culture.

Although, Kashmiri was introduced as a subject in schools but the irony is that a student is fined for talking in Kashmiri during school hours, particularly in private schools.

Art Exhibition, SIFER – A New Breath To Art

There have been hardly any honest efforts to promote the rich culture that Kashmir was once famous for. This has forced artists like these to come out on streets and fend for themselves. This is really shameful!

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