SRINAGAR — The national spokesperson of the Indian National Congress, Supriya Shrinate on Sunday said that the enthusiasm of people at Lal Chowk defeated the idealogy of hatred propagated by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

In an exclusive conversation with The Kashmir Pulse, Supriya Shrinate said that hatred is bound to be defeated and love and truth are what bring people together, and therefore come out victorious.

“The message of love spread by Bharat Jodo Yatra has resonated very well with the people of India. The Yatra might have ended in physical form but the issues of unemployment, inflation, poverty, the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, and the atmosphere of hatred will continue to be fought with the same zeal,” Supriya added.

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She went on to state, “BJP spread a lot of lies about the Bharat Jodo Yatra but the truth came out every time and as Rahul Gandhi says that truth is like sunshine which can be shrouded by clouds for some time but eventually pierces through these.”

When asked about the impact of the Yatra, Supriya said that the opposition is united and a united opposition is what will eventually take up all the issues facing our people with all the more intensity.

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In her message to Kashmiri people, she said that the Congress party will try its best to safeguard the trust that people have expressed by participating in the Bharat Jodo Yatra in huge numbers.

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