Pulwama: Government Middle School Washbugh, located just meters away from the district headquarters in Pulwama, lacks some of the most basic facilities, causing immense hardships to the enrolled students.

The school seems to have been isolated in so far as the revival of Government-run schools is concerned as the school is in a dilapidated condition.

Although the staff members are doing their best to provide quality education to the enrolled students but the dearth of basic facilities has got them concerned, having no answers to the anguish of the students.

Most of the furniture including chairs and tables in Middle School Washbugh were broken and not usable during our last visit to the school. Things like dusters were also shared among Primary and Middle classes. However, the school staff did manage to solve this problem.

Non-availability of non-teaching staff is one of most annoying experience that the Headmistress of the school has to face. Besides, the school has no library and lacks a laboratory as well.

Whenever there is rainfall, the school gets flooded with water which seeps into the kitchen meant for mid-day meals. The cook, who also works as a sweeper on a meagre remuneration paid out from the pockets of the teaching staff, complains that she finds readying meals extremely difficult during rainy days.

The toilets in the school are also affected. The, rather small, school lawn turns into a pond as there is no proper drainage system.

Compared to other Government schools, the school has a good number of students enrolled which makes it imperative for the concerned authorities to take immediate steps in order to provide them quality facilities. This is also important in order to retain such students whose parents are counting private schools as their last option owing to poor infrastructure and unhygienic conditions here.

The woes of students of this school were also reported in national news channels also. The problems of this school were especially highlighted by ETV Urdu and Gulistan News channels.

The students of this school wish to sit on benches like their counterparts in other Middle schools but it is to be seen whether the concerned authorities will make their wish a reality!


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