Srinagar: Asserting the existence of VIP culture in India, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Traffic, Basant Rath on Tuesday said that the norm violators including the VIPs won’t go unpunished.

According to the KNS correspondent, addressing media persons for the first time in Srinagar, the IGP Traffic said that “everybody including the VIPs must follow the traffic rules. I won’t tolerate the norm violation at all.”

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Asked about the allegations regarding traffic signals being put on blinker mode during VIP movement, Basant Rath said, “We have put an end to such kind of system in Jammu but keeping in view of the security situation in Srinagar, I won’t take any step which would end up by creating problems to IGP Kashmir.”

He said that such things can be avoided in view of the security status of Srinagar but the violation of norms won’t be tolerated at all.

Referring to query about the less number of traffic cops, the IGP said that the issue has been already raised and the number of cops will be enhanced by 25 per cent shortly.

Admitting that there is mismanagement in traffic, Basant Rath told reporters that it would take time to control such kind of mismanagement. “The female passengers who could be seen standing in the buses due to the overloading won’t be tolerated. It stands my responsibility to ensure seats for the female passengers in mini buses but the people have to cooperate in this regard.”

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He said that the police can’t change the ground situation without the cooperation of the masses. “Whatever is happening can’t be changed in one go but it would take time,” he said.

Asked about non-availability of parking slots result in wrong parking in Srinagar, the IGP traffic said that it’s not JK only where parking space is not available. “The parking spaces are being made available but the commuters don’t use the parking slots wherever is available,” he said.

Asked about the traffic rules violation by the vehicles ferrying students, the IGP said that the lack of cooperation by the parents make such violation happen. “We are focusing on that and everyone will face the law in case of any violation,” he said.

Referring to query about his priorities, Basant Rath said, “I have three priorities that include to curb the overloading, ensure seats for female passengers and to make traffic cops accountable.”

According to the KNS correspondent, the Inspector General of Police further said that the social media has a pivotal role in streaming the traffic. “I believe that the social media is a platform that needs to be taken seriously. It has a power. I am on social media to keep vigil on the sufferings of commuters and the things happening on the roads. I get knowledgeable about various developments on social media. The social media would help a cop to become a better policeman.”

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Moreover, he said that the social media is a platform for common people to reach him in case of any urgency.

Asked about the less deployment of traffic cops in downtown areas, the IAS officer said, “Downtown will be important for me because people reside there. My focus would remain in those areas where people reside.”

Referring to a query regarding not wearing the uniform, the IGP said, “What I am doing depends on what I have to chase. My predecessor also wore uniform and what they did is in front of you and what I have done in past 40 days is also visible to everyone. I will first focus on make things good and later I will wear uniform.”

“I want to assure you people that I won’t let you down,” he said.

Asked about the non-implementation of fare list by transporters, the IGP said that the fare list has already been issued and it would take time to make things happen. “I don’t have any magic band which would help me in making the things good in one go,” he said.

Reacting over the matadors and other commercial vehicles, the IGP said that the 20-20 match being played by the transporters won’t be allowed. “Every single rule has to be followed. The overloading and other related things, which end up by creating hardships to the commuters and passengers won’t be tolerated,” he said. (KNS)

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