Pellet Plight: Kashmir loses a promising athlete in GM Palla


This video of Pellet Plight series features Muqeet Ul Amin as the host in a Live Interview with Ghulam Mohideen, a Martial Arts expert who was unfortunately blinded after receiving pellet injuries during the Kashmir uprising 2016.

The video series is an initiative started by Peer Viqar Ul Aslam, a Technology Journalist working for Morocco World News.

The live video series tries to explore the agony of the victims and how painful it feels to realize that a single pellet shot could be so devastating both physically and emotionally.

A team of young journalists including Muqeet Ul Amin, Mu’Azzam Bhat and Saba Khan visited the victim after they received a call from the pellet victim for an interview.

Master Ghulam Mohideen Palla, a Martial Arts Expert from Baramulla, has lost complete vision of one eye.

He was hit in his right eye when he was standing outside his home and has lost complete vision of his right eye due the pellet that ruptured his eye.

“Security forces fired pellets indiscriminately after vandalizing houses in the neighbourhood. I just wanted to protect my house from this vandalism and had sneaked out to have a look outside when pellets hit me”, he laments.

The victim had 32 Nationals and several International Participations in various games prior to losing eyesight due to deadly pellets. He has also worked as a Coach in Government Degree College, Sopore.

He aimed to be a Director in Sports Department and help the passionate players to excel in sports.

“I’m spending a boring life after getting blinded because I can’t move around”, he sighs.

Pertinently, no human rights organisation has approached the victim.

“I wish they had killed me rather maiming me like this for no reason”, he says in a depressed tone.

There are other pellet victims also whose heart-rending stories have remained unheard. We are going to continue, bringing more stories like these in this Pellet Plight video series.

These videos are shared from Peer Viqar Ul Aslam’s Facebook page with the hope to bring the victims some respite whether financial or emotional.

For now, we encourage you to watch the video to hear from the victim himself. Do share it on your social profiles also.


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