Hyderabad: A canteen situated in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad has become a symbol of brotherhood over the years. The canteen has been serving food to various employees working in the Film City.

The employees of ETV Network also eat breakfast and lunch in the very canteen. Being a big organization, ETV has thousands of employees who are working in their respective shifts. This has made people to call it as “Mini India”.

The canteen, which serves the employees of the whole organization, is very big and prepares both north and south Indian foods for the employees who are from different parts of India.

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However, there are a lot of challenges which the canteen staff has to face. As the employees of ETV Network are from different states, it is not easy to serve them food according to their tastes.

Yaadveeray, a cook in the very canteen said, “I am working here from 2008 and we have a lot of challenges to face. We are working in shifts here and are doing our best to serve all members with breakfast, lunch and dinner also. We have to prepare food for about 1300 employees every day.”

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Munazir, an employee in ETV Urdu said, “Here we have delicious food everyday. We are enjoying it well and there seems no difference between the food that we have at home and this canteen. It seems to me that we really are in mini India.”

The canteen’s atmosphere is such that no difference on the basis of caste, creed, region or religion is made while serving food to the employees working in ETV or Ramoji Film City. It is really a mini India here. All eat like a family here. The canteen has become an epitome of brotherhood!

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