I, along with few friends, visited Yousmarg in August this year. As the stay was for a couple of days, I thought of experimenting with vlogging. Thus, Yousmarg — Vlog happened!

Yousmarg is surrounded with serene Himalayan ranges and meadows of pine and fir. It is one of those destinations people dream about. The beauty, that this place has, is beyond words. It is difficult not to fall in love with Yousmarg, which is located at just 50 km from Srinagar.

As per a popular belief, Jesus once visited Kashmir and Yousmarg is the place, where he stayed for some time, that’s why the region was named Yousmarg, which in Kashmiri language refers to ‘The Meadow of Jesus’.

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The place we camped at was just opposite the main market in Yousmarg. However, a park was in-between.

We got drinking water from a spring which was just meters away from our makeshift tent. Although, the water looked crystal clear but I was not sure about its purity 😉

The market was slightly far from the place we camped at but it was worth it as the surroundings were calm and peaceful.

There is also a mosque, built by the locals, which grabs the attention of visitors there. However, the local people rued the lack of support by the authorities in helping them build bathrooms for people coming to offer prayers there.

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A park is also there which is taken care of by Yousmarg Development Authority (YDA) but there’s nothing to be content about as far as the condition of this particular park is concerned. One can see horses grazing the wild grass in the park.

When we asked the YDA officials about the deteriorating condition of the park, they only passed the buck.

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