Delhi runs JK affairs: Agnivesh

Srinagar: Prominent social activists, Swami Agnivesh Monday said “people sitting in New Delhi are actually running the show in Jammu and Kashmir” and the state government has “no say” in any matter. He accused New Delhi of “beating around the bush” on Kashmir, saying appointment of panels wouldn’t solve the issue unless government of India shows seriousness in resolving it.“There are people sitting in New Delhi who are running the state’s affairs directly. It is a namesake government here (JK). It doesn’t have any say,” Agnivesh told media persons on sidelines of the “Peace Conference” organized by “J&K Peace Foundation.”
 “Delhi people have made Kashmir there fiefdom and are using it for their own vested interests. Political leadership at New Delhi made countless promises to Kashmiris during past 60 years. They arranged conferences, appointed interlocutors at highest level. (But) None of the promises was kept. They (GOI) should be held responsible for breaking their promises,” he said.
 Responding to a question about his suggestion on Kashmir resolution Agnivesh said they (New Delhi) are beating around the bush that they want peace in Kashmir: “Who is creating hurdles in resolving Kashmir. Let them talk to right people on (Kashmir resolution).”
 Referring to summer unrest last year he said let the government order a judicial inquiry to investigate who is responsible for the killing of 117 Kashmiri children from June to November last year.
 “Why isn’t government ordering judicial inquiry into these killing? When the inquiry can be ordered over killing of one person in rest of country why not here over killing of 117 people. Unless government becomes serious nothing will happen.”
 He said for any sort of beginning to resolve Kashmir it is a must that Government of India should first revoke Armed Special Forces Power Act, order Judicial inquiry by a sitting Supreme Court into last year killings and release Kashmir youth and political leaders.


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