Right-wing author and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Professor Anand Ranganathan
Right-wing author and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Professor Anand Ranganathan

SRINAGAR — The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association here on Tuesday strongly condemned the remark made by right-wing author and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Professor Anand Ranganathan, advocating for an Israel-like solution (genocide) in Kashmir. The Association said, “It is appalling how easily and casually a particular set of people can propagate hate and bigotry under the guise of nationalism, with no repercussions.”

In a statement, the National Convenor of the Association, Nasir Khuehami, said, “Anand Ranganathan’s genocidal call for an Israel-like approach in Kashmir is absolutely pathetic and shameful. Opportunists like Anand won’t fight in any war, and won’t leave their cushy homes, but they advocate for wars, violence, and destruction as solutions. It is horrific that someone can be so hateful and capable of distorting the truth. Such statements make it impossible to find peace; they are divisive and dangerous.”

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“He calls for the killing and massacre of people and children, similar to what Israel is doing in Gaza, to happen in Kashmir. This is a terrorist mindset. When you are bred and soaked in hate ideology, you lose sight of humanity. Ranganathan has lost his mind, and his words subjectively defend the mass killings by Israel in Gaza. Without even understanding Kashmir, he is making absurd arguments for the same,” he said.

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Khuehami emphasized, “Spreading hate and calling for violence against any community is deeply reprehensible. It is both dangerous and inhumane. He is advocating for the systematic annihilation of Kashmiris. Doesn’t this sort of conduct attract penal provisions for inciting hatred against minorities?”

The Association demanded that an FIR should be lodged against him for his genocidal call. “Under the guise of nationalism, he is spreading hatred and venom. People like him are a blot on society, spreading hate and division. They are the worst enemy within! Asking the Indian state to do an Israel in Kashmir is a call for genocide. He wants us (Kashmiris) to be bullied, bulldozed, malnourished, counted among the most amputated children population, women to be raped, land to be grabbed, and ethnic cleansing. Equating Israel’s actions in Gaza with a solution for Kashmir is advocating for violence and displacement, not peace. This rhetoric promotes genocide and suffering.”

The Association stated, “Forces that have been romancing and toying with hateful narratives and rhetoric solely for polarizing will sink this country. People like Anand want Kashmir without Kashmiris. His statement is not just inflammatory but poses a real threat to peace and harmony in our society. Advocating for genocide is a criminal act, and it must be treated as such under Indian law.”

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The Association firmly denounced Anand Ranganathan’s statements and demanded immediate legal action against him. Khuehami said, “We hope the sane people of India will come out against this genocidal appeal against Kashmiris on a national news platform. People of India must unite against such toxic and divisive rhetoric and ensure that our society remains peaceful, inclusive, and just for all its members.”

“People of the country must reject such dangerous calls and work towards true justice and reconciliation. No one should defend the indefensible. We urge the Government of India, people across party lines, and civil society to take strong note of such individuals and their hateful ideology. Such genocidal rhetoric should be condemned nationwide, and measures should be taken to prevent its spread. Your collective silence in the face of such hatred makes us complicit. We must stand together to protect the values of peace, unity, and diversity that our nation upholds,” it added.

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