Kashmir neither part of India nor Pakistan: Geelani

Srinagar: The Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Thursday reiterated that the amalgam would not participate in bilateral talks until New Delhi accepted its five-point formula.
“In principle we are not against dialogue but we will not enter into any bilateral talks until New Delhi gives up harping on the phrase – inseparable part, and accept our five-point formula,” said Geelani, who is currently in New Delhi.
“Kashmir is neither a part of India nor a part of Pakistan people decide their future,” a Hurriyat (G) spokesman quoted Geelani as having said.
“We will not flinch from visiting every nook and corner of India to apprise its people, civil society and non-governmental forums about the reality of Kashmir issue and hardships being faced by Kashmiris.”
Geelani said the bilateral talks, whether held openly or at track—2 level, had never yielded any result and would not ever yield any result in future. “No change will take place in the situation until New Delhi acknowledges the ground realities, he said.
Commenting on his meeting with different people in New Delhi, Geelani clarified that there was not dearth of good human beings in India. “And we will continue our endeavours to reach out to these people and apprise them about historical background of Kashmir issue and the woes of Kashmiris. We have, in principle, decided to keep continue our public contact campaign in India. We will also counter and blunt the negative campaign unleashed by media about Kashmir,” he said, alleging that Indian print and electronic media were misleading people through their wrong reporting about Kashmir.


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