Kashmir solution must for busting militancy: US

Islamabad: Former US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W Patterson had believed that the solution of Kashmir issue was essential to isolate Taliban.
Referring to the revelation of the WikiLeaks, a private TV channel quoted Clinton saying as solution to the issues can end Pakistani establishment’s support for Taliban.
In the classified cables in 2009, US Embassy Islamabad believed that it is not possible to counter al-Qaeda without Pakistani support.
The cable also shed light on the conversation regarding problems in comprehensive strategy in connection to Indian role in Afghanistan and busting militants groups in the region.
The cables said: “the ending of Pakistani establishment support to militant and extremist groups, some Afghan-focused and some India-focused, is a key element for success”.
“The only way to achieve a cessation of such support is to change the Pakistan government’s own perception of its security requirements”, US officials said in the leaked cables.
 It said: “Al-Qaeda can operate in Pakistan’s tribal areas largely because the Taliban-related groups in these areas continue to challenge the writ of the Pakistani government. Unilateral targeting of al-Qaeda operatives and assets in these regions is an important component of dealing with the overall threat.”
 “Increased unilateral operations in these areas risk destabilizing the Pakistani state, alienating both the civilian government and military leadership, and provoking a broader governance crisis in Pakistan without finally achieving the goal,” the ambassador believed.
It suggested that: “To be effective, we must extend the writ of the Pakistani state into the FATA in such a way that Taliban groups can no longer offer effective protection to al-Qaeda from Pakistan’s own security and law enforcement agencies in these areas. We should be under no illusion, however, that this effort will not require a multi-year, multi-agency effort”.


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