Student protests in Kashmir a dangerous phenomena: A S Dulat

‘Kashmir issue needs to be seen out of security paradigm’


Srinagar: Terming the prevailing unrest and student protests in Kashmir a “dangerous phenomenon”, former RAW chief A S Dulat Thursday said that Kashmir issue needs to be seen out of the security paradigm.

Dulat, who also served as advisor to former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on Kashmir affairs from 2001-2004, suggested that all political parties in Kashmir and both state and central governments have a role to play to normalise the situation.

“Student protests in Kashmir are a new phenomena and a dangerous one. Students taking to streets without any control is scary,” Dulat said in an interview to local news agency, KNS.

“All the political parties in Jammu and Kashmir, be it Hurriyat, mainstream political parties, state and central governments have a role to bring the situation to normal,” he said.

Dulat, who has authored the book Kashmir – The Vajpayee Years, said that Kashmir issue has to be seen out of the security paradigm.

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“Kashmir is a political issue and has to be taken on that paradigm, and then the situation will pave way for solving it,” he said.

Dulat said that the mainstream political parties in the Valley should come and sit together instead of blaming each other.

“Why do not mainstream political parties get together and sit to find a solution to the prevailing situation in the Valley. If all the mainstream leaders sit together, then I think there will be a way out of the present situation,” he said, pointing to the student protests in Kashmir.

“Kashmiri politicians have to solve it by getting and sitting together. All political leaders have responsibility to resolve the issue instead of blaming one another. Why are the Kashmiri politicians not forthcoming?” he said.

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“If Kashmiri politicians sit together, then New Delhi will think over it,” he added.

“When Pakistan can get Mirwaiz, Geelani and Yasin Malik together, why can’t Dr Farooq (Abdullah) and other mainstream leaders get together to resolve the present situation,” he said.

Asked how he views the BJP-led government’s policy on Kashmir, Dulat said the BJP-led NDA during Atal Behari Vajpayee was different as it was in coalition then.

“Today’s BJP is different having total power. Even, now they are in power in Jammu and Kashmir and have a role to play. Then our relation with neighbour, Pakistan, was good even after Kargil war. It is very bad today,” he said. (KNS)

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