‘Zubair Turray a ‘classic example’ of pushing youth to armed resistance’


Srinagar: Reacting to the news reports of a youth, Zubair Turray joining armed struggle, Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Monday said that from last four years he used to see the innocent young boy in Central Jail Srinagar incarcerated under the charges of stone pelting.

“Every time his PSA was quashed by High Court or got bail from judiciary, he was slapped with a fresh PSA and from last four years, more than eight PSA’s were slapped on this young boy. His family was constantly terrorized, humiliated and oppressed by police and other forces and he was virtually denied every legal and democratic right and hence pushed to the wall by Indian state and the state government and left with no place but to join armed struggle, Malik said in a statement.

He said that “from last many years we have been telling the international community and Indian civil society who till date have only acted like fire-fighters of the oppression, to persuade Indian state to honour peaceful struggle of Kashmiri youth but no one paid heed to our pleas.”

Malik said that on international persuasion, Kashmiris took a bold decision in 2008 and transformed their freedom struggle from violent to a non-violent outlook but instead of honouring this historic transformation, Indian rulers used military and police might to curb it and the ‘ugly practice’ is still continuing.

He said that Zubair Turray is yet another glaring example of this Indian aggression as he was one whose abdomen was pierced with pellets, whose family was ‘terrorized’ and who was put behind bars for more than four years on mere charges of stone pelting.

JKLF chairman said that even JKLF issued many statements against Zubair Turray’s prolonged incarceration and ill treatment he was getting from police and forces.

“Indian state and its tools of occupation especially police and the state rulers are responsible for pushing Kashmiri youth to the wall and hence promoting violence and international community should introspect their role and see the real happenings in Jammu Kashmir and persuade Indian rulers to refrain from using state terrorism in Jammu Kashmir,” Malik added.

JKLF chairman said that if anyone would research he would surely find that especially from 2008 police stations in Kashmir have been turned into Abu Ghareeb jails where innocent peaceful youth are being ‘terrorized, humiliated and pushed towards the armed resistance’.

“This police highhandedness is highly condemnable and an eye opener for the international community regarding the hollowness of Indian democracy,” JKLF chief added. (KNS)


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