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SRINAGAR — Hailed as the paradise on earth, Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost State of the country. Its natural beauty attracts hundreds of people to visit the State, thereby giving a boost to the tourism industry. However, the State has more to offer than snow-capped mountains and breathtaking scenery.

The hardworking nature and entrepreneurial outlook of the Kashmiri youth make it an ideal place to set up manufacturing and processing businesses in the State. The easy availability of water, agricultural raw material, minerals, and herbs gives it good potential for investment. It is only when the State sees adequate investment in the manufacturing sector can it hope to tackle insurgency and move on the path of growth.

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Realize that if you are looking to establish a start-up and take on the challenge of an unfavorable business environment in Kashmir, you will be playing an instrumental role in helping the State move past the challenges of the bygone days.

To help you in this noble initiative, we have curated a list of the most profitable business ideas that you can consider while setting up a manufacturing and processing business in Jammu and Kashmir.

Agriculture & Horticulture:

India is an agricultural country, and Kashmir is no exception to this. Maize, paddy, and wheat are the most important crops, and about 80% of the State’s revenue depends on them. With jowar, barley, and bajra being the other important crops, you can consider establishing a processing business that uses these foods as the raw materials.

That way, the crops will not have to travel for thousands of kilometers to proceed into food that can be cooked or consumed. With a lot of barren lands and easy availability of labour, there is no dearth of manufacturing opportunities.


From time immemorial, Kashmir is known for its silk production. The Bivoltine mulberry silk of this region has higher stand strength because of the favorable weather conditions and is of much superior quality than other types of silk found in the country. As of today, less than 25% of the silk produced in Kashmir remains in the State, and the rest is exported.

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Considering that Kashmir is a tourist destination, proper channelization of sericulture would be a lucrative business. Start by understanding the process of producing silk from cocoons and brainstorm on the innovation that your business can offer.

Post that, work on the digital marketing aspect so that potential customers know of your products and their key features. You can use a free video editor for your business videos like InVideo to come up with engaging video content to attract potential customers into buying your products.

Dry Food Processing:

The State of Jammu and Kashmir is well known for its dry fruits and nuts. Considering that there is a growing awareness among people about their health and fitness, investing in the processing industry for dry fruits is a smart decision. As of today, dry fruits like walnuts, apricots, and almonds are produced in abundance and sent to other parts of the country for processing and packaging.

Post that, they are exported out of the nation. With an aptitude for business, you can set up a manufacturing industry wherein the processing, packaging, and distribution happens in the State. Not only will this save on operational costs and get you higher profits, but it will also result in employment opportunities for the youth of the State.

Strawberry Jam:

In recent years, strawberry has gained popularity as an exotic fruit, and people all over the world are keen on strawberry products. Jammu and Kashmir is blessed to have a high production of strawberries. Setting up processing plants that generate strawberry concentrates and jams is a good idea. From a health perspective, it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes and is in high demand.

Being a highly perishable product, the processing needs to happen in a prompt and organized manner for you to reap its benefits. Post-production, you can indulge in packaging your product in a way that is durable for transport to distant lands. Considering the wide popularity of strawberries, this is important for the maximum sale of your jams, concentrates, and jellies.

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Litchi, Orange & Mango Juice Processing:

Jammu and Kashmir is loaded with fruits that often rot due to surplus availability. Difficult terrain coupled with poor road conditions makes it difficult for the fruits to be transported and sold in other parts of the country. If you can set up a processing plant wherein you prepare fruit juices, package, and sell them all over the country, you will run into profits.

With digitalization taking the lead and the world growing into a global village, you can leverage the power of social media to advertise your product. Investing in promotional digital content is recommended for those with a business vision that is not bounded by State or national boundaries. Read on this link to learn more about Facebook Ads to promote your business.

Package Manufacturing Industry:

In the conventional setup, manufacturing and packaging are two distinct industries. However, you need to realize that for efficient packaging of the products discussed above, you will need aseptic packets, glass jars, pet bottles, and a lot more. In the State of Jammu and Kashmir, there is a demand-to-supply imbalance in this sector.

If you can set up a manufacturing plant that produces the things required for packaging fruit-based products, several local small-scale industries will purchase from you. If you can produce quality products and market them well, you can even expect orders from beyond the State.

With cities like Jammu, Srinagar, Pulwama, Budgam, and Udhampur having multiple industrial areas, the State of Jammu & Kashmir has some of the best opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

Considering that the processing sector has been underutilized for decades, this is the perfect time for you to make the jump and usher in an era of productive growth. As a sea of investors look to unleash the potential of this beautiful State, may you find your business calling and establish your identity.

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