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Advertisement will be carried through banners, which will be wholly supplied by the client either of GIF, JPEG or Flash Movie. Banner size, position and dimensions will be of varying types. Banner creation will be charged separately.

Note: No illegal advertisement should be carried over the website by the company and anyhow if such advertisement is found it will be automatically removed off by the company without notifying the client. If any click takes visitor to illegal site, the advertisement will be removed from the site without prior notice. No refund of money will be given.


S. No.Ad SpotsSpecsFile SizeFlash File Size
1Medium Rectangle300 x 25018kb25kb
2Leader Board728 x 9018kb25kb
3Standared Banner468 x 6018kb25kb

Creative Specifications
Please select the type of technology you would like to use and accordingly follow the specifications:

The total file size with images cannot exceed 20 kb. Client side image maps in the creative are acceptable and must be hosted / provided by the client itself.
All scripts in the HTML code must be active at the time of ad submission for validating / testing the ad HTML code.

Image Ad
GIF or JPG format accepted. File size cannot exceed 20 kb.

File size cannot exceed 30 kb.
Please submit an image (JPG or GIF) to be served in case the user does not have flash installed. The kb size for the static image should be the same as the kb restriction for a normal image ad of the same size and shape.

Note: Please note that I-frames are being used for served banners, hence there is a restriction on all creatives which exceed the specified dimension limit. Also, the resultant sites should be scripted to open in a new window.

The advertisement order along with the material must reach us at least 5 days in advance. The ad will appear on subject to acceptance and the position being available.

Payments are to be made online and in advance. Payment method and payment confirmation details will be provided when contacted.

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