We at The Kashmir Pulse encourage and welcome your write-up submissions. Please read the following frequently asked questions (faqs) to make sure your submissions reach us and also get published online.

How to contribute?
Email your articles only at and not on any other ID meant for news, advertisements, public notices etc. Contributions received on these IDs won’t be entertained.

How long should be the article?
Your article should preferably range from 700 to 1200 words. There is no bar, however, on the number of words. Contributors can respond to an article in the form of an article also. No reasons are assigned about publishing or not publishing a particular article.

Do we publish everything we receive?
We value and welcome everything but we don’t publish all we receive. Duplicate content is not published. Original content is published with the authors/senders name and contact details.

How much time does it take an article to get published?
Depends on the topicality of the issue, time consumed in scrutiny for any copyrights and authenticating originality. Sometimes articles are published sooner than expected, sometimes they take longer than usual.

How to inquire about the status of my dispatch?
Just wait for five days at least from the day you send it. It’s not possible for us to acknowledge each mail we receive and to inform our esteemed contributors about the probable date of publication.

Can we write for other news portals?
Sure. Just one request. The article sent to us must not be simultaneously mailed to any other news website, newspaper or magazine. You can write for as many banners as you like, but to avoid the duplication of the material we request you to wait.

Shall we receive our contributions back, if not published?
No. Contributors are requested to keep a copy of their article with themselves as we are not responsible for mailing it or sending it back.