Contractual lecturers denied winter vacation

Srinagar: In absence of any government order, the principals in majority of the government colleges have denied winter vacation to the contractual lecturers and teaching assistants.
While the academic year is already over and the permanent staff and the students are enjoying the vacations, the contractual lecturers and the teaching Assistants are being asked to come on regular basis by their respective Principals.
Around 2000 college teachers on contract in over 30 colleges of the valley has been asked to report regularly in the college during winters, while the permanent faculty has been off since January 10.
The contractual staff has no work to do as the academic session is already over. While most of the times they have to sit idle in the offices, many principals have started engaging them in clerical jobs, enraging many.
“We have been asked to help the non-teaching staff in admission process and other no-teaching activities. First we are denied the vacation then we are asked to do the work of a cleric. It is disrespectful and paining,” Hashim (name changed), a contractual lecturer in English in one of the colleges in South Kashmir, said.
The agonized contractual lecturers believe the state government wanted to put the munder pressure to prevent strikes in future.
“There is no purpose behind holding us in the colleges during winter, but to prove us a point that we have to follow state government’s dictate. We do more work in summers than the permanent faculty, yet we are discriminated against. The government is disrespecting our education,” a female lecturer, in Women College Nawakadal, said.
Surprisingly, there is no such circular from the government and the Principals are doing it on their own.
“There is no such order issued in this regard by the government. The vacations are for all the permanent as well as the contractual staff. I don’t know why are these Teaching Assistants being asked to come to colleges when they have nothing to do there ,” commissioner secretary higher education, Tanveer Jehan told Rising Kashmir.
She assured that she will look into the matter and accordingly take action in this regard.


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