SRINAGAR — College contractual lecturers in Kashmir have written a letter to Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha that Higher Education Department has been violating court orders and latter was not taking any cognizance of contempt of the court orders.

According to the letter, there are almost 600 contractual teachers working from the last 15 to 20 years in different colleges of the valley.

“After the abrogation of Article 370, the Department had not released their salary. After the COVID-19 throughout the world, markets were entirely shut, everyone was sitting inside their homes and crying and begging for their survival. On the basis of humanitarian ground, everyone did help each other. The Government of India also allocated free ration and other essential food items. The college contractual lectures got nothing except massive harassment and torture from Higher Education higher-ups who deliberated themselves as superiors, in fact they forget they are public servants,” the letter reads, a copy of which lies with news agency KINS.

It says that J&K High Court issued the directions to higher education not to torture any teacher in the college and continue their services till the final decision of top court/CAT Bench.

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“But unfortunately the higher-ups of higher education, particularly Director Colleges and her subordinate principals, replaced all court case lecturers by appointing new faculty. The principals of all colleges have been given verbal direction by Director Colleges even to close college gates for these court case candidates,” the letter reads.

It says that more than 400+ status quo orders have been issued by different court benches of Kashmir such as High Court of J&K, Cat Bench Jammu, Cat Bench Srinagar, with strong court directions to Higher Education Department to implement these orders.

“But in response, Director Colleges Higher Education exhibits utmost arrogant reactions by not implementing any court direction. They openly exhibit the subordination and defiance of every court direction. When principals were asked why they do not honour court orders, they are saying they are bound to follow only administrative department orders and have verbal directions from director colleges not to implement court orders,” it reads.

“The court mentions prima facie the court is satisfied that the respondents have committed contempt of the Court, therefore, registry is directed to frame rule against the respondents for asking as to why they shall not be punished for contempt of the court and shall report compliance allowing the petitioners in tune with the directions passed by this Court. But six months have gone by and they failed to submit compliance reports,” the letter says.

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“What will be the future of that community or the nation where judiciary has no importance and where court laws are not to be implemented? What will be the future of that society or country where teachers are being mentally and physically harassed? What will be the future of those students who invariably are crying where our teachers are?” it added.

“We request Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and Principal Secretary Higher Education Department Rohit Sharma to do personal intervention and to issue directions to the Higher Education Department to implement court orders and resume our duties as per court directions,” the letter added.

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