Corruption, favoritism rule education department in J&K

Srinagar, Feb 15: When it comes to flouting the set norms and rules, the education department in Jammu and Kashmir has done sufficient to prove it. It is unfortunate that different yardsticks are applied for the people in same profession to favour influential and blue eyed while those dedicated and honest people have to suffer for everything.
Continuing with the reports on education policies for Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT), Regularized Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers (ReRT) right from the opening of the new schools, their appointments as 3rd teacher, ReT, RRT, their regularization, their appointments in SSA and the transfer of ReT/RRTs, this citizen journalist continues disclosing the data of few districts here.
Stepwise figures of all districts will be published for general public so they can make their view points about the prevailing education system. Our motive to publish these reports is only an effort to create public awareness and campaign so the derailed Education System in Jammu and Kashmir can be streamlined.
First of all we start with the appointment of ReT and RRTs in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) as Zonal Resource Person or Cluster Resource Person. As per Ex Director School Education, Kashmir, Shagufta Parveen, “ReTs/RRTs posts are school specified and they can not be transferred from actual place of posting even after their regularization” (Published in a leading English daily, dated 29/03/2012). Also by Director School Education, Jammu, to all Chief Education Officers of Jammu Division vide their order No DSEJ/1104-24 dated 28/08/2012, it was mentioned that “Teaching personnel appointed as ReT/Regularized ReT/Repeaters/3Rd teachers shall not be allowed to take up the new assignment as ZRP/CRP……. ReT/Regularized ReT/Repeaters/3Rd Teacher should not be included in the list” of ZRP/CRP.
These rules and laws were framed for the ReT/RRT to benefit students. In spite of the clear cut orders and directions from higher authorities many blue eyed ReT/RRT and even 3rd Teachers have managed to make entry in SSA leaving their schools and violating the norms for the engagement in SSA.
In Ganderbal district which is also the home constituency of chief minister Omar Abdullah, as per letter number CEO/Gbl/RTI/12/3758, dated 17/10/2012 of CEO Ganderbal to DSEK, in four zones namely Ganderbal, Tulamulla, Kangan and Hariganwan there are total 39 CPRs and ZRPs which include only 11 General Line teachers and 27 RRTs out of which 17 are repeaters and hence violating all rules and norms.
Similarly in District Reasi of Jammu Division, eleven (11) ReT, RRT and 3Rd teachers out of total forty eight ZRP/CRPs are working in SSA as CRP/ZRP as per the Letter No CEO/Rsi/SSA/2012-13/7681-87 dated 21/08/2012 of CEO Reasi.
As per letter no Estt/RTI/F-186/16378 dated 26-10-2012 by CEO Kupwara to director School Education Kashmir, in district Kupwara, seven out of 10 in zone Villagam, six out of 10 in Zone Tregam, eight out of 10 in Zone Rajwara and eight out of eight in zone Chamkote are RRTs. Besides this, as per letter no CEO/A/plg/39/22745-46/12, dated 3/09/2012 to DSEK in District Anantnag there are 52 RRT and 22 Repeaters who are working in SSA as DRG/ZRP/CRP.
This is the data of only few zones of some districts of Jammu and Kashmir and almost in every district, only blue eyed have managed their transfers, deployments and attachments in SSA. The order says that Rehbar-e-Taleem, RRT, 3Rd teacher even a General Line teacher who is repeater cannot be engaged in SSA for the job of CRP or ZRP. Ignoring all such directions from higher authorities they not only managed to be a part SSA as CRP/ZRPs but also are working as repeaters SSA while others who do not have any political or bureaucratic support are not allowed to work in SSA.
Orders say that ReT/RRT/3Rd Teacher and repeaters should not be engaged in SSA but almost in every zone of each and every district of the J&K state, there are ReT/RRT/3Rd Teachers as well as repeaters. If they were to be engaged in SSA then what is the fun of such orders and directions from the higher authorities.
At many places in J&K, schools were opened to get appointed blue eyed people as ReT or 3Rd Teacher and soon after getting appointed these schools become defunct due to the non seriousness of the department and higher authorities.
Now, first of all, we take the example of district Leh. Leh district is in the upper reach of J&K with an area of 44000 Sq km with a population of 1,17,637. Leh is a well recognized portion of our state where the temperature may fall even up to minus 300 degree Celsius.
There are approximately 369 educational institutions out of which six are central government institutions i.e KV or JNV, 68 are Private/others and rest 295 are schools of state governments of department of education. These 369 schools include 184 Primary, 136 Middle and 49 High schools. As per the population survey, literacy rate is 62.24% in Leh and when we compare the present educational scenario and the system of imparting education in the area where most of the primary schools are closed and left which on paper are functional but in the near future may get closed if the policy makers proceed as they are proceeding.
Mostly, children from average or middle class families are forced to study in an government institution and in Leh Education system is failing despite the fact that government under the flagship program of SSA is practically spending more than on any other sector and yet our returns on investment are disturbingly inadequate.
The students’ score lags behind those of their peers of other districts of J&K. They are moving out of their districts towards Jammu or Srinagar even in other districts or parts of the country to continue their studies because of the non-availability of facilities.
In district Leh, 19 teachers out of which six are 3Rd teachers, 8 are RRT, 4 are ReTs and 4 are RRTs who are deployed or attached to some other posts and are not working at their actual place of posting. Out of these 19 ReT/RRT/3Rd teachers only 4 teachers are deployed on need basis while 15 teachers are deployed because of the closure of the school.
When we checked the record of these schools, we came to know that the Primary School UMLA which is established in 1975 has an enrolment of two to five students from the year 2008 to 2011-12 with two teachers. Similarly, the primary school FOTOLALOK which was established in 1981 has the enrolment of 5 to 10 students only with three teachers. The data of these two schools has been obtained from the DISE.
Out of these two schools, PS UMLA is now closed and the teachers working in this PS have been deployed/attached/transferred to PS FOTOLALOK having an enrolment of 5 – 10 students. It looks like that lack of will and efforts and no proper policy is applied to bring the students to the school.
A 3Rd teacher is appointed in a school where the enrolment is increased on the need basis then how can he be deployed or attached to some other institution on need basis. Who will look after the students for whom he was appointed? Moreover the data of Leh shows that they are deployed because of the closure of the school. If the enrolment of the school was thick then why these 3RD teachers were being appointed and then after closure of school they were attached or deployed to some other schools. The deployment of these ReT and RRTs from their actual place of posting directly affects the children studying in these government institutions.
All these things clearly indicate that SSA funds have been completely misused and the motto of SSA flagship program has been molded to cherish the whims and wishes of political bosses and to please working administration. It is nothing but just adding more infrastructure, new schools, class rooms, and resource centers to recruit new teachers as per the direction of the bosses and it has nothing to do with the policy and main aim of Sarva Shiksha Abiyan. The slogan of SSA “All Learn – All Grow” is somewhere deeply frozen in chilly glaciers of Leh, and the key to run and the baton of spreading education and creative and elite environment went in the hands of destroyers.


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