Young militant arrested still unapologetic!

Srinagar: The arrest of Usman Khan alias Kasim Khan at Jammu and Kashmir is a major breakthrough for the security forces who battled militants at Udhampur this morning. Usman Khan who was captured by the security forces was part of the group that killed two BSF soldiers and even took three persons hostage. Usman Khan is in his early 20s and is believed to be part of the new breed of militants in Jammu and Kashmir. He is being interrogated for more information by the police and also the Intelligence Bureau. He hails from Faisalbad in Pakistan, OneIndia reported.

Who is Usman Khan alias Kasim Khan? 
Khan is said to be from Faisalbad. He is around 20 years old and belongs to a network jointly operated by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the Hizbul Mujahideen. He is said to have infiltrated into India around ten days back with an intention of carrying out a major strike in Jammu and Kashmir, OneIndia reported.
Security forces and the police questioning him suspect that he was part of the same team which infiltrated into India with the attackers of Gurdaspur. While one team carried out an attack at Gurdaspur, the other which stayed in Jammu and Kashmir was meant to target the Amarnath Yatra, OneIndia reported.

New breed of militants:

The arrest of Khan is a major breakthrough for the security forces. The last time that they managed to catch a militant alive in Jammu and Kashmir was three years back. The questioning of Khan is expected to reveal a lot of crucial information. Khan appears to be part of the new breed of militants in Jammu and Kashmir. In his early twenties, he appeared to be un-apologetic and was beaming with confidence when he was apprehended. It was sheer luck that the security forces managed to apprehend him as this group allegedly part of the Hizbul Mujahideen was on a suicide mission. There have been warning signals from the Intelligence Bureau recently about educated and younger persons joining militant groups. These militants in Jammu and Kashmir have also adapted to the social media where they post images of them posing with guns. Usman Khan who was apprehended was very aggressive during the attack. He had managed to take three persons hostage. He is said to have forcibly taken three villagers into a dense forest area. However he was outsmarted and apprehended.


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